Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Zirrly ~ A Review

Super Beads from Zirrly  are unique beads that fuze together when sprayed with water. My kiddos have had so much fun creating jungle animals with the Super Beads Jungle Animals set. Super Beads are non-toxic and are fun for all ages. 

We had so much fun making the fun animals included in the Jungle Animals Set:
  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Elephant
  • Zebra
  • Owl
  • Monkey
  • Design Templates
  • Super Beads
  • Super Beads Work Tray 
  • 1 Spray Bottle
  • 6 Boards
  • 1 Design Tool
I am sure many remember the traditional fuse beads that you had to use an iron in order to fuse the beads together. With Super Beads kiddos can do it all by themselves from beginning to end!! 

Let the FUN begin!

Unlike normal fuze beads, Super Beads are softer. 

You are never to old to enjoy! Getting in on the action are my kiddos ages 9, 11, and 15. 

Do you hear me ROAR! 
The lion takes to puzzle boards to create. The boards simply lock together 
like a puzzle. Go figure that a mighty lion would need two boards. 

"I really like making these."

My kiddos LOVED this jungle animal set! 

"Isn't this zebra is cutest thing ever?"

After spraying you are supposed to let your creation dry for 60 minutes. 

Spray, but be sure to not overspray your creation. Don't drown it, lol. Make sure to 
stray evenly over the entire surface. 

Hoot! Hoot! HOOT!

Oops, for some reason there were not enough green beads in the kit to complete this cute
little Rhino, sniff, sniff. 

Isn't this elephant so cute! 

A true MONKEY in the making. HAHA!   

I have been sprayed. Now just waiting to dry. 

The beads are a little bit messy. The beads tend to rub off their color onto your hands. 
It isn't a big deal as it wipes of easily and doesn't stain the hands. All of my kiddos are 
older so they didn't get it on their clothes. I am not sure it if would have stained their clothing or not. 

All of the animals come with Super Beads stands so that the animals can stand up. 

Once your creation has dried and you remove it from the tray it is suggested that you spray the backside of the finished work to reinforce it. If it breaks simply spray it back together. If a design is bigger and requires more than one tray, the trays can be puzzled together. The pattern cards easily lock into place underneath the puzzle trays. 

I would definitely recommend Super Beads to others. They are a great improvement over the traditional fuze beads that we all grew up with. Super Beads would be great for camps, VBS, parties, daycare, school, home, or anytime. 

Be sure to check out there other Super Beads sets. Here are a few of there other sets.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Home School in the Woods ~ A Review

Home School in the Woods offers many À La Carte Projects for students of all ages on their website. My kiddos had fun playing Name That State! File Folder Game. These projects come in easy to download pdf files. There is something for everyone in grades K-12. 

Home School in the Woods, À La Carte Projects offers students a fun way to enhance their academic studies. These hand-on activities let the child learn while having fun too! New projects are continually being added. I have found that my kiddos learn so much better when they actually do hands-on projects verses just reading and taking tests about a subject matter. My kiddos favorite projects are lap books. 

The state cards include a cut-out form of the state shape on one side and on the flip side the following information is included:
  • state name
  • capital city
  • rank in order
  • date of admittance into the Union
  • region
  • blank lines are also include to add other state information
There are three different game boards:
  1. blank
  2. state abbreviations
  3. state names

Directions are given as to what to print out for each of the game boards for the corresponding state cards needed. I opted to print out all three of the game boards since my kiddos are a bit older and using this are a refresher for the states and capitals. 

How Did We Use It?

Since my kiddos already know their states and capitals so we used this more as a refresher. While they know their states and capitals they have forgotten where all of the states are located on the map and cannot identify a state based on its shape alone for some of the states. My 4th and 6th graders used all three of the game boards on their own to quiz themselves before challenging each other. Like most all things, if you do not continually practice you tend to forget. It did not take much time for either of my kiddos to brush up on their state and capital skills again. They both commented that this was a fun and easy way to get the job done. 

For optimal durability it is suggested that the material be printed out on card stock. My printer does not print card stock well so I opted to use thicker quality paper instead. Often times if I know that I am going to be using a specific project with younger siblings down the line I will laminate a game or timeline in order to make sure that it holds up to the wear and tear of use. 

Over the years we have used many À La Carte Projects from Home School in the Woods and my kiddos have always come away having learned so much. I keep all of the games and timelines stored in Ziploc bags in a storage file for future use. From games, lap books, timelines, and so much more these hands-on projects are very reasonably priced. Definitely check out all of the amazing options. 

Some of the other  À La Carte Projects are:

  • The Industrial Times Newspaper & Grocery Sales Flyer
  • Literary Genres Lap Book Mini-Study
  • The Orchestra File Folder Project
  • Greek Life! File Folder Game
  • Get Your Kicks on Route 66 File Folder Game 

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday Mazie

Happy 1st Birthday Mazie!

It is hard to believe that Mazie is already a year old. She has become such a huge part of our family we cannot imagine our lives without Mazie. We are proud of the accomplishments in the area of service training that she has mastered. The biggest accolade to date would be her natural alert to an adrenal crisis that Karis had about a month ago. It was pretty incredible what she did! Way to go Mazie!! Right now she is working on several tasks as well as working on requirements to pass her Canine Good Citizenship. She is a fast learner. She loves to play and can chew through just about any new toy within minutes or hours. Right now she is chewing through a football, lol. She loves to chase and taunt the squirrels in the backyard and has even managed to catch a few. 

Mazie helped me by licking the beaters after I whipped the sweet potatoes for her cake. 

Their pupcakes were made from banana, sweet potato, egg, and pea butter. 
I frosted the pupcakes with sweet potato. 

Beau and Mazie. Beau is Mazie's brother. There are from the same litter. Beau belongs 
to my daughter and son-in-law. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Drawn To Discover # 3

My 11 year old daughter is TOTALLY OBSESSED with Drawn To Discover! She absolutely loves this program. She loves drawing. Here are some of her latest drawings.

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