Monday, May 12, 2014

Why Rod and Staff is my favorite Kindergarten Curriculum

Having homeschooled six children I strongly believe that Rod and Staff has the easiest and complete curriculum to give your Kindergarten student the academic advantage. Rod and Staff does not use colorful pages to appeal to students, rather they make learning fun through their series of A,B,C workbooks. They currently have books A-K and are working on book L at this time. Rod and Staff makes learning the basics painless and easy. By the time your student has finished all of the books in this series they have a wide range of concepts mastered. I typically use this curriculum for Preschool but not all children will be ready to attack this series until Kindergarten.

How we do HISTORY

Instead of using boring textbooks that only give you a surface understanding of events in history I prefer to us autobiographies, historical fiction, and historical non-fiction books to learn History. I love Sonlight Curriculum to accomplish this. There is one problem though, Sonlight is way to expensive for our budget. To make this literature based curriculum a possibility I use Amazon, Half-Priced Books and various other online sites to purchase the books that Sonlight uses. In addition to Sonlights approach, I love the "A History Of Us" series. I find this series very informative and interesting. The series is the perfect compliment to the literature based History approach.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wrapping up the year

May brings beautiful weather and an increasing desire to be done with schoolwork for the year. The end of the school year reminds me of the storybook, "The Little Engine That Could". I try to be my children's cheerleader as I repeatedly tell everyone that they can do it. This year brings another first for our family, High School Graduation!!!! Our oldest child is graduating.

Confetti Eggs