Friday, September 26, 2014

Good Reading

The girls picked some really good books at the library this week. We have read them all many times and I feel some creativity coming on. Stay tuned for some fun book related activities.
the dot by Peter H. Reynolds, Isabella's Garden by Glenda Millard, Adventure Annie Goes To Kindergarten by Toni Buzzeo, The Bunny's Night Light by Geoffrey Hayes, The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning, The Best Birthday Party Ever by Jennifer LaRue Huget, Noni Says No by Heather Hartt-Sussman, One Bright Ring by Gretchen Geser

So Many Books

I have always tried to instill in my children the love of reading. Some of my kiddos read only because I make them and some of my kiddos are born book worms. I strongly believe that all of the classics MUST be read and not overlooked. I do allow my children to read what I call "fun" books too. Recently, in the news, was posted a list of classics that have been banned which is such a travesty. I take many books off the the Sonlight Curriculum list in addition to many more. Our home library contains hundreds of books, from picture books on up. This is a very small sampling of our books.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Do you know your states and capitals?

This year I am killing two birds with one stone. My 1st and 3rd grader are both learning their states and capitals!! It is amazing how fast they are both memorizing them. Along with learning states and capitals we are printing out blank maps and filling them in and learning interesting facts about each state. We are kind of going on a states road trip using creative resources without leaving our house.
My avid 3rd grade animal lover is always eager to learn which animals live where. Last year we started mapping where certain animals live using Apologia's, Exploring Creation with Zoology: Land Animals.
Along with various library books as well as our own library of books collected over the years the United States are coming alive.

Welcome Autumn

In order to welcome in Autumn we created crafts after finishing our schoolwork today. Who doesn't like getting their hands messy with paint. Thanks to Pinterest, Google, and some creativity from mom our den is now starting to look a bit like Fall.

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale

This past week our family went to see, "Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale" at Dallas Children's Theatre. The show was hilarious and the acting was wonderful. Having read the book and seen the Disney version it was fun to see the plot with a twist.

Confetti Eggs