Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Childhood of Famous Americans

I absolutely love the Childhood Of Famous Americans series. The traditional textbook method of learning history has never really appealed to me because textbooks tend to only scratch the surface on events in history. I want my children to learn history through reading good books and autobiographies. I want history to come alive through details of historical events and the individuals that helped make history. Childhood of Famous Americans describes the early years of famous American men and women in the form of fictionalized biographies. Geared for elementary aged children these books have pencil sketches though out each book. Each book exposes your child to significant figures who have made a difference in American history. History does not have to be boring and these books are a great introduction to history for your child.  
My 3rd grader is currently reading through this series and is thoroughly enjoying them. She is currently reading, George Washington, and came across a word that she was no familiar with and neither was I. These books also provide an amazing opportunity to learn new words. Our new word for the day is STAVE. A stave is a stick, pole or rod for the aid in walking climbing, or for use as a weapon. She has enjoyed learning about young George. 

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