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A+ Interactive Math ~ Family Math Package

I had the opportunity to review the A+ Interactive Math Curriculum: Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math. The program is for 1st grade through Algebra I. A+ Interactive Math has a very wide range of options from which to choose. A+ Interactive has a great product comparison chart for their online and CD based materials. The family packages can be purchased for one child or for as many as ten children.


There is a detailed Scope and Sequence for each grade, 1st Grade through Algebra I. 

Table of Contents: 
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
Pre Algebra
Algebra I

Top 12 Reasons To Use "Family Math Package" Program

Program Overview
The program is very versatile. Each grade level provides weekly lesson plans to follow which means no extra work for the parent/teacher. The entire curriculum can be done via the computer but you also have the option to print out both worksheets and exams. There is an Ebook included for those that may not want or need to use the generated computer lessons. Parents and students can easily track their progress with the Progress Tracking link. With this link you can see which lessons, online worksheets, and exams that have been completed. There is no need to keep track of your child's progress, it is all done for you!! A+ Interactive even provides a calculator in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You can change the current grade level your child is studying, at any time. 

Lesson Plan



My First Impressions
The instruction portion of the lessons is AMAZING!! The explanations are thorough yet simple enough for the child to understand. The person who is narrating, speaks in a calm, slow voice that aids in a child's ability to follow without getting lost. At any time, the child can press the pause button to ask questions if they do not understand. My daughter did this multiple times and I was able to repeat or rephrase the explanation for better understanding. I was very pleased with the step by step explanations and use of examples utilizing pictures, graphs, or whatever was needed to explain the concept being taught. 

The interactive Q&A section was AWESOME!!! The questions reinforce the exact material taught in the instruction portion of the lesson. The child is given four multiple choice answers to answer each question. If the child gets the correct answer a "thumbs up happy face" with fireworks appears. If the child gives an incorrect answer, a sad face appears.  The correct answer is then given to the student. Step by step instructions are then presented to the student to show how the correct answer is found. The program then goes back to the lesson and has the child redo the problem to reinforce the correct answer.
How we used it
I used this for my 1st, 3rd and 6th graders. I will be totally honest, in that, all three of these kiddos do not like math. There are many tears, especially with my 3rd grader when it comes to math.

1st Grade

My first grader is currently working through 2nd grade math, so I started her in the 2nd grade level of A+ Interactive Math. My daughter worked through many of the lessons and gleaned a lot of information. Sometimes the lessons got a bit long and I had to redirect her focus. I loved how detailed the program lessons are. For example, when she was working through a lesson on money, it talked about how currency is another name for money and how different countries have different currency. It explained that pennies are copper and have smooth edges, while dimes have bumpy edges, are thin, and are the smallest of coins in size. My daughter's favorite problems were the frog problems. For frog problems the child types in the answer above the frog and then clicks on the frog. The frog then "ribbits", which always made my daughter giggle.
2nd Grade Number Types

Phoebe, my 1st grader, had fun working through the lessons teaching time, calendar, and seasons. After the lesson on the seasons, Phoebe came running to me and announced that her birthday was during the summer months of June, July, and August.


Post Lesson Progress Report
3rd Grade
My third grader struggles with math and gets easily frustrated. She is currently in 4th grade math. She was frustrated with the 4th grade level in A+ Interactive so I decided to go back to the 3rd grade level. I wanted this math experience to be positive and fun. Review is always a good thing. Going back to the 3rd grade level gave her the confidence that she really needed. During one particular lesson, she paused the lesson and said, "Be quiet so that I can count." The fact that she had control in pausing the lesson was great. She then proceeded to find the answer to the problem and then pressed play to resume. She got a bit confused as they explained multiplication methods since their approach was a bit different from how she had learned them. It was great to learn a new method. During the fraction sections she had to use paper and pencil in order to figure out like factions. The lessons were long enough to help her understand but not so long that she got frustrated. 


More fractions....

6th Grade
This could have possibly been a great supplement to my daughter's current math curriculum, but my 6th grader was very unimpressed by how the speaker talked down to her like she was a "first grader". She also did not like the affirming comments such as "great job", and  "wonderful", as it was, in her words, "babyish". The other thing that she really did not like was how SLOWLY the speaker spoke and how slow the answer choices were displayed. She tried several lessons but just could not get past what she didn't like about the program. Tweens are sometimes very hard to please. We found that the Ebook was a great alternative that fit her well. She was able to work through various lessons in the Ebook and if she needed a bit more understand she was able to go to the online lesson and get better understanding. 

My Thoughts
I really liked A+ Interactive Math. The program was comprehensive, easy to follow, and can be purchased for a modest price. The program would be great to use as a complete curriculum or as a supplement to your current math curriculum. The program was a great fit for our family and all of my children benefited greatly from the time that they used the program. I would definitely recommend this program to other homeschoolers and educators. The only thing that I would change would be that, in the upper grades, they speed up the lessons and talk to the students on an appropriate age level. 

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