Monday, September 26, 2016

Spencer Learning ~ A Review

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program from Spencer Learning aims to help people of all ages become better readers. The program has over 7,000 pages of material divided into 262 lessons. This is a downloadable software. The user will receive a license to access the material on as many devices within a household with no expiration date. Updates for the program are FREE FOREVER. You can choose to use the program on a device or print out the lessons. With this program your child will learn all of the phonetic sounds and rules. 

I used this program with my 3rd grader. She is reading really well but often times gets overwhelmed by large words. Instead of trying to sound them out she gets in her head that she cannot do it. For example, words such as cautious and impatient. The pattern is ti = /sh/

The student can click on the  to hear sounds, words, and sentences. Everything that your student needs to successfully learn can be done independently. By using the program for approximately 2 hours a week your student will be on their way to becoming a strong reader. Whether a student is starting at the beginning with the alphabet and learning the sounds that the letters make, or they are already reading, this program provides the tools needed to become a strong reader. If completed, the student will/should be reading at a 5th grade level. 

This program is for:
  • Beginning Readers
  • Struggling Readers
  • Dyslexia
  • Adult Literacy 
  • Middle School/High School 
Resources that can be found on the website are:
  • Free Word Lists
  • Ultimate Phonics Reading Test
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Tracking Sheet
  • User's Guide
Lesson 1 begins with letters and the sounds they make.

Each lesson begins with an idea/pattern.

Each lesson will have a pattern that is explained. 

Each lesson will contain a list of words that follow the idea/pattern being taught. 

Words are divided into syllables to aid in sounding out the word. 

The words in each lesson are put into a sentence to  aid in contextual understanding. 

Each lesson is divided into 4 parts: Idea/Pattern, Word List, Words, and Sentences. 

There are 262 lessons. You choose the best place to start within the program. 

The Find feature lets you easily find lessons with specific phonetical patterns and rules. 

I really like this program and would highly recommend it to parents and educators. My daughter really improved her reading, vocabulary, spelling, and confidence. 

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is compatible with the following systems. 

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