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Learning Dynamics ~ A Review

The Learning Dynamics Reading Program by Learning Dynamics is a wonderful tool to get your young child started on their road to reading. This is a complete system that comes with everything that you will need to teach your child how to read. Each lesson, which is less than 15 minutes in length is geared for a young child short attention span. There is even a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the program.

What is included in the program:
  1. Lesson Manual
  2. 50+ Full Color Books
  3. 30+ Songs on a CD
  4. Student Activity Workbook
  5. Letter Rewards
  6. Flashcards
How we used it?

I have had the privilege of working with a dear friend's son who just turned 4 years-old. Little man was so excited to start learning the letters of the alphabet. We were definitely starting at the beginning as he was not familiar with any of the letters, the sounds that they made, or how to write any of them. We are still focusing on staying in the lines when coloring and holding crayons 🖍 properly. It will be awhile before he is ready for the readers 📚. Slow and steady wins the race. That is the true beauty of homeschooling.

Having taught my own six children how to read I was excited about checking out Learning Dynamics. Over the years I have used many phonics programs and curriculums to teach my own children how to read. I learned what worked with one child did not necessarily work with my next child. It was definitely an individualized journey with each of them. Some of my children picked up on reading quickly while others needed much more time to tears to learn how to read.

So how exactly is Learning Dynamics taught?

  1. Introduce the letter being taught. Show the uppercase and lowercase letter. Introduce the sound that the letter makes. More is added in the teacher manual. 
  2. Read the story in the teacher manual.
  3. Letter song on the CD. 
  4. Complete worksheet in Student Workbook
  5. Listen to the letter song again.
  6. As a final check use the flashcards to have your child name the letters and sound that the letter makes. Reward child with popout piece. 
  7. Optional Activies
  8. Blending is introduced after 5 letters are learned. At that point blending instructions are given. 
  9. When books are introduced it will specify which book to read, re-read, etc. 
Our experience...

M says mmm.

M is for mouse, mop, and money. 

I am coloring the mouse.

In order to reinforce each letter I decided to make fun letter crafts
that can be hung on the wall to make an alphabet wall. Here is
an M is for mouse. These crafts ARE NOT a part of the curriculum. 
I just added them in to reinforce the letters and to add in a element of
fun for each letter being learned. 

A is for apple, alligator, and ant. 

Reviewing the letters A and M. 

Working on his A craft. 

Say "cheese!" A is for ants on an apple. Little man is so proud of 
his letter A. 

P is for pumpkin, pencil, and pig. 

Little man working on his P is for pig wall project. 

Little man is still getting his letters and sounds mixed up at bit. I work with him several times a week.  I have told him mommy the importance of CONSTANT reinforcement everyday, throughout the day in order to learn and retain these fundamental basics.  

Each letter of the alphabet has a friendly character to go with its letter. 

"bbbb" as in Baby Bear
"cccc" as in Cameron Caterpillar 
"dddd" as in Dancing Dinosaur

 Flashcards are provided for uppercase letters,

and on the opposite side are the lowercase letters. 

There is a set of flashcards with blends. On one side are the blends,

and on the opposite side are a list of words that go with the blend. 

Students can earn letter rewards!

The sequence of readers for Learning Dynamics is: 

The Blue Readers are the first set of readers that your students will be reading.
There are 23 books in the Blue Series. 

Book 1 starts out very simple. 

After completing the Blue Series your student will move
onto the Red Series. The Red Series has 10 books.

This is Book 1 in the Red Series. 

By the time your student gets to the Green Series they will be reading multiple
sentences per page. Both the Yellow and Green Series have 10 books each.  

After learning the first five letters ( m, a, p, s, and t ) your child will begin to blend. They will also be ready to learn their first words. By lesson 9 they will be introduced to the first reader. The music CD really helps the child to reinforce the letters and the sounds with catchy songs. 

Learning Dynamics is a solid program for helping young children learn to read. Definitely check out their website for more information about the program. Also, click on the link below to read about what other reviewers had to say about the program. 

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