Monday, October 21, 2019

Creating A Masterpiece ~ A Review

We have really enjoying the Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece. There are 4 levels included in the drawing program: Beginning Drawing, Drawing Level 1, Drawing Level 2, and Drawing Level 3. Within the 4 levels there are 30 projects and a total of 48 lessons. Three drawing mediums are utilized; colored pencils, pencil, and charcoal. Children as young as 5 and as old as seniors can enjoy the Drawing Program. You truly do not have to have an art background in order to learn how to draw. You only have to have a willing attitude and patience. Sharon takes student's step-by-step through the drawing process with each project via her online videos. 

I was able to get the art supplies that we needed at a local art supply store and online.
This is a few of the art supplies that I purchased. 
You can also purchase the art supplies on the Creating a Masterpiece website.
Each project tells you exactly what art supplies you will need. 

Each project has the following components.

Lesson Videos

Project Supplies and Downloads

Supplies Used in this Lesson

Helpful Tips
Project Images

Lesson Highlights


Beginning Drawing
Lesson in Pencil ~ Hoot Owl

My 13 and 16-year-old daughter's had so much fun drawing this 
HOOT Owl. There was a lot of giggling and laughing going on. 

I was very impressed with their owls and so were they. 

Beginning Drawing
Lesson in Pencil ~ Simplicity

For this project three of my daughter's and my mother got in on the action. 
There was a lot of pausing going on while different individuals at different times
needed time to catch up, or redo a section. 

My mom was "tickled pink" that she was actually drawing! This was the first
time in her life that she actually successfully drew anything. 

My 11-year-old's

My 13-year-old's

My 16-year-old's 


Beginning Drawing 
Lesson in Pencil ~ Giraffe in Cartoon

Drawing Level 1
Lesson in Pencil ~ Tuckered Out Turtle 

I drew this cute turtle. I was shocked that I actually did this! 
I cannot even draw a stick figure. Seriously! It was quite relaxing 
working through the lessons and coming out with this at the end. 

Drawing Level 1
Lesson in Pencil ~ Penguin Family

Beginning Drawing
Lesson in Charcoal ~ Field of Daisies 

Working with charcoal was definitely a bit tricky but fun. 

I would HIGHLY recommended this curriculum to parents and homeschoolers searching for an art curriculum that actually works. If you cannot even draw a stick figure DO NOT WORRY, you can succeed at Creating a Masterpiece. Definitely check out all of the amazing media forms that Sharon teaches on her site such as: Wood Burning, Balsa Carving, Glass Mosaic, Glass Etching, Gouache, Faux Stained Glass, Acrylic Painting, Oil Pastel, Sculpting, Alcohol Inks, and Watercolor.

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