Monday, June 15, 2020 ~ A Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I have been using the HelpTeaching Pro Subscription from over the past weeks. is an online resource for parents and educators that provide printable tests, activities, games, and lessons for PreK-12. Often times I need to fill in the gaps and this site is helpful in providing easy to access learning aids. is a bit of a one stop shop. Whether you are looking for math help on concepts that your child is struggling with, SAT practice, or learning about the French Revolution, truly has it allThe wide range of teaching tools is just a click away. Looking for a way to generate a test, quiz, or worksheet? has the ability to do this a well. For the lower grades the site has plenty of resources for your little ones too. Preschool children can learn their letter and the sounds that they make. There are complete phonics lessons. Your young child can learn shapes, colors, matching, how many?, following simple directions and more. Each grade level is broken down into subject and then subtopics. New material is constantly being added. I utilized the site for my 7th, 9th and, 12th graders. 

My high school daughter was able to get a crash course on the French
Revolution. There was a pretty informative YouTube video and then a 
short test that you could either take on the site and it auto scored or 
you could print it out. 

There is a really awesome Top 100 SAT Words section. Students can 
go through each of the 100 words on a YouTube video and see the 
word, the definition and a picture to go with the picture
There is then a test where the students can test their recall on the words
that they have just reviewed. Students can either take the test within
the site or print the test out. 

Here is what the WORDS look like.

Here is the Test.

There are many other activities that students can do with the SAT words. 

My 6th grader was working on protractors in her math the other day. 
I for the life of me could not find any of our protractors. 
I decided to go onto and search protractor worksheets and

Worksheet Generator

My 7th grader was working on the 8th grade Water Cycle Diagram 
from the above online activities.

I really like as a teaching aid. It has so many amazing resources for PreK-12 grade. This site is a great resource for SUMMER LEARNING! So often kiddos need help filling in gaps in subjects that they struggled with during the school year. This site would be wonderful at helping to fill in those gaps. There is definitely plenty of material. Maybe your child needs some help before entering into the next grade. HelpTeaching would be a great bridge to fill in that gap. Wondering if you little one is ready for school in the Fall. Is your 3 or 4 year old anxious to do some BIG KID SCHOOLWORK but you don't know where to start. has everything broken down into age and grade level. The site is easy to navigate. Check out to see what my Fellow Crew Members had to say about

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