Monday, October 4, 2021

The Critical Thinking Co.™

I received this complimentary product through the 
Homeschool Review Crew.

Over the past weeks my 8th grader has been working though Vocabulary Virtuoso: Mastering Middle School VocabularyThe Critical Thinking Co.™ offers over two hundred books and software in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, critical thinking, as well as test prep. Supplemental workbooks as well as full curriculum options are available for students in Preschool through the 12th grade. Vocabulary Virtuoso: Mastering Middle School Vocabulary is intended for grades 6-8. The workbook contains 15 lessons and is 168 pages. The goal is to help your middle schooler increase vocabulary as well as strengthening language art skills. The lessons contain sentences and stories that reflect life in a fictional middle school. The words are all selected from PSAT vocabulary word lists. I do want to note that there are Vocabulary Virtuoso workbooks for varying grade levels. 

Each lesson has twelve vocabulary words. The list of words give the part of speech, pronunciation, definitions, and a list of synonyms, idioms, and phrases. The activities, A-F, require the student to use the words in context in multiple facets which include:

  • Choosing the best word to complete a sentence. Students have a choice of 3 vocabulary words. 
  • Choosing the best word from a choice box. 
  • Using the words to fill in the blank throughout a story. 
  • Unscrambling words from the lesson list that are synonyms, idioms, phrases, or definitions of underlined words in a sentence. 
  • Writing words, idioms, or phrases that define given vocabulary words. 
  • Writing sentences using vocabulary words. 
The words definitely vary in difficulty within each lesson. Some examples of words that you student will encounter are:
  • mercurial
  • vociferous
  • quixotic
  • neophyte
  • grandiloquent
  • parsimonious 
  • obsequious
  • recidivism
I had to sigh when in Lesson 4 the word QUARANTINE was included in the list of words. 

Here are a few examples of some of the pages. 

Vocabulary Virtuoso is able to be used in a classroom, as part of your homeschool curriculum, or used independently. 

I let my daughter work through the lessons at her own pace. Some days she would complete multiple activities and other days just one. My daughter does not particularly like to read. I know that this has impeded her vocabulary. My children that are avid readers have a vastly larger vocabulary. This workbook is a great way to build vocabulary. 

The Critical Thinking Co.™offers sample pages of their workbooks so that you can get a feel of a particular workbook before you purchase. They also offer software demos. 

Be sure to check out all of the other reviews from my Fellow Crew Members. Members reviewed a variety of workbooks both physical and eBook form. The Critical Thinking Co.™ is a treasure trove of academic materials to help build your child's knowledge and critical thinking. 

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