Thursday, January 22, 2015

A pet peeve

Does anyone else deal with pencil sharpener frustration?!?!

We have tried these...
I swear they disappear just like socks in the dryer.

And several models of these.....
We wear them out, and they overheat or quit working. I cannot even count how many we have purchased throughout the years.

And also this....
I love these, not just because this is the kind I used as a kid but because they always worked.  The only problem, I really don't really have a good place to mount it in the house. If not mounted, this option doesn't work so well.

Then I begin to wonder, is the pencil the real culprit. How many times have you sharpened a pencil that just doesn't sharpen correctly. Mechanical pencils are great but they tend to be more distracting for my kiddos. When the lead is out there either never seems to be more to refill the pencil, or again, you cannot find the lead.

There has to be a SIMPLE SOLUTION?!?!

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