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Heirloom Audio Productions - In Freedom's Cause

I had the opportunity to review an audio drama for Heirloom Audio Productions, named, In Freedom's Cause: The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce (Single Package). This incredible audio drama is packed with historical stories that are sure to make history come alive for the listener. In In Freedom's Cause, William Wallace proves that individuals do make an impact on history. 

There are four package offerings ranging in price from $19.97 to $249.97, with the Family Four Pack being the most popular, at $99.97. 

To be a true hero, you must be a true Christian. —G.A. Henty

This is the story of Sir William Wallace (1270-1305) and Robert the Bruce (1275-1329) and their battle for Scotland's freedom as they took on the powerful King Edward of England. Both men were known for their strength and fine ability with the sword. Above all, they found their greatest asset to be their love and dedication to the Lord. 

The cast is made up of some very familiar faces.

As we started Disc 1, In Freedom's Cause, my four children, ages 6, 8, 12, 14, sat down to listen. Soon after the story began,. my 6 and 8 year olds lost interest and left the room. My older children and I listened intently as the drama unfolded. I wondered if my children would be able to follow the storyline since they were not familiar with this period of history and the events surrounding that period of time in Scotland. After disc one was complete I questioned my children about their ability to follow and understand and to my delight they not only followed but were captivated by the story. Both of my children were eager to begin disc two. My 14 year old does not particularly like history but she really enjoyed this. 

Disc 2 continued to keep us in suspense and on the edge of our seats. My children absolutely loved, In Freedom's Cause, and asked if there were more in the series. I am sure that we will be listening to these discs many more times. I think that this is a great way to learn history!! 

The study guide is a FABULOUS addition to the audio drama. I found the study guide to be extremely helpful in discussing the story with my children. The study guide is set up to aid the younger student in understanding the story as well as challenging the older student at a deeper level. The study questions are divided into three sections. 

The Listening Well ~focuses on what was heard~

The Thinking Further ~challenges the child to think, draw conclusions, and speculate~

The Defining Words ~ defining unfamiliar vocabulary~

As my children and I worked through the study guide it brought about great discussion. My children commented that the guide was fun and they actually enjoyed it. I was impressed by the thoughtful answers and conclusions that my children gave as we discussed the audio drama. From a historical standpoint, we learned a great deal . 

At the end of the study guide there are three short Bible studies. We briefly skimmed through the studies and found them to be a great compliment. 
ll need to use a dictionary for most of the words.
I was impressed by how the audio adventure utilized music and sounds effects. The actor's voices were passionate and commanding. My daughter said, "I could close my eyes and imagine being right there in the story as it was all happening." For the student that dislikes reading, an audio drama is a great alternative for learning history. Much like reading, you can create in your mind what you imagine the people and places to look like.

I had my children rate their experience and they both gave, In Freedom's Cause, 5 stars!!

I would highly recommend this to both friends and fellow homeschoolers. 
Heirloom Audio Production's 3rd installment in The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty audio adventure series, With Lee in Virginia, is soon to be released.

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