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Egglo Entertainment

I had the privilege of reviewing products from Egglo Entertainment. For review we received, 
The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure BookGlow in the Dark Egglo EggsEgglo Bible Verse Scroll StickersEgglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls, and the The Egg-cellent Adventure Program Guide downloadable PDF. The purpose behind Egglo products is to help families keep the focus of Easter on Christ. With the help of Hardy, Anastasia, Pascal and their dog Zeke, Egglo Entertainment is sure to be a hit with both parents and children.
You can purchase the complete Egglo Kit or purchase individual items. I was pleased with the quality of the product. The products available for purchase are:

Jesus is the Light of the World, and Egglo does a fabulous job at transforming the traditional Easter Egg Hunt into a search for light, the Light of Christ. 

John 1:5 says that the "Light shines in the dark and the darkness has not overcome it."

Christ's light shines even in the darkness. I liked the idea of searching for God's truths contained on the tiny scrolls, nestled in the Egglo Glow in the Dark Eggs, in the dark. I cannot think of a better way to teach a child about the Light of Christ.  Christ entered a dark and sinful world to become sin for us.  Searching for God's truths in the darkness, guided by the light that is in each of the eggs allows children to search for God's truths. This experience is the perfect interactive, visual experience that will be sure to be remembered not only at Easter but every day of the year. 

My children had so much fun on their Egglo Easter Egg hunt. This was definitely like no other Easter egg hunt they have ever had. As a mom, I had a feeling of accomplishment and well-being, just knowing that the focus of Easter was not lost amidst the fun. My daughter said, "Mom, can we start doing this every year?" Due to the cold weather and snow, we did the hunt indoors. I imagine that it would be even more fun to do the hunt outdoors. Maybe next year the weather will cooperate with an outdoor hunt.

The book, The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure, is not a Bible story, rather it is an engaging story with pictures that connect the idea of searching for scripture, along with searching for Easter eggs. My 6 year old and 8 year old children really liked the storybook. The book is third-nine pages long. The length of the story book was a bit too long for my younger children. It may be a good idea to read the book over several sittings in order to keep the younger audience's attention. I thought the book was well written and the illustrations were eye catching. The story was easy for children to comprehend. 

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide contains ideas that will help you combine, looking for the Light of Jesus, with hunting for Easter Eggs.  
  • teaching ideas
  • scripture memorization
  • decorations
  • printables
  • coloring pages
  • snacks

My kiddos love coloring so they were unquestionably excited when I printed out some of the coloring sheets that were included in the guide for them to color. While coloring, we discussed the book and went over the scriptures on the scrolls. We also talked about Christ's death and resurrection.

We also had fun with the Bible Alive Q&A suggestion from the program guide. Based on the text from John 18:20-31, there are ten questions to ensure that your child understands the Biblical account of Jesus's death and resurrection. Instead of making it a race to see who could answer first, I had the kiddos take turns answering the questions. Here is an example of one of the questions and answers.

Question 3: What happened when Peter denied Jesus the third time?
Answer: A rooster began to crow. 

The Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls are a wonderful tie-in to the storybook.  The package contains twelve scrolls, each of which contain different scriptures relating to the Light of Jesus. What better way to prepare for Easter, other than reading, memorizing, and storing God's truths in your heart. My kiddos had so much fun unrolling each scroll and reading the scripture contained on each one. 

If you are looking for the perfect Easter gift for your child, grandchild, or friend, this is definitely a great option. 

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