Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Singapore Math

Let's Talk Mathematics

I am happy with our current math curriculums, Rod and Staff and Teaching Textbooks, but have found Singapore Math to be a wonderful supplement to our current core math curriculum. You can purchase Singapore Math from many retail stores and online sites. We use the Singapore Math Practice workbooks.

Singapore Math requires the student to think mathematically rather than just memorizing the mechanics of mathematics. The curriculum utilizes a three step process in it approach.
  • concrete
  • pictorial
  • abstract
Singapore requires the child to think critically, use strategy, mental math, and problem solving skills in order to solve each mathematical problem.

I am currently using the Grade 2 level for my youngest child. I have used critical thinking materials/curriculums with all of my children to supplement our core curriculums. The concepts and methods for learning math are drastically different with the Singapore Math method. My child is being challenged to think critically which is a skill your brain has to be trained to do.

I am not a proponent of Common Core.

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