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Greek 'n' Stuff - A Review

My 6th grade daughter has been working through Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 2 Set  from Greek 'n' Stuff over the past weeks. There are 8 levels in the Teach Me Some Greek Series. Level Two is intended for early elementary 2nd-4th grade.

What I received. There are several other components that can be purchased separately on the website.
  • Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! "Answers Only" Answer Key Level 2
  • Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! A Biblical Greek Worktext Level 2
  • Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Pronunciation CD

So what exactly will your student learn in Level 2 Greek?
  • Alphabet Review
  • Alphabet Practice
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • New Vocabulary
  • Final Review
After the alphabet is reviewed the remainder of the book focuses on eleven foundational Greek vocabulary words that set the stage for Level 3 that introduces Greek grammar. 

Why study Biblical Greek? The original New Testament Scripture was written in (koine) Greek and learning Biblical Greek gives students the ability to read scripture in its original version. Most of the time the author's emphasis through alliteration, poetic structure, chiasm, etc. are lost in translation. Case, mood, and voice play a role in how a passage is meant to be interpreted. Meaning often gets lost with translation. 

I took two years of Biblical Greek in my undergraduate and thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband took four year of Biblical Greek in his undergraduate, focused on Biblical Greek in his ThM as well as his PhD and currently teaches Biblical Greek. This is yet another reason that I jumped at the chance for one of my kiddos to learn some Greek. 

What my daughter had to say about learning Biblical Greek.
"My dad says that Greek is FUN and that everyone should know how to read Greek. He was really excited and proud when I started learning the alphabet and some words. Most of the letters were pretty easy to learn expect for zeta, xi, and psi." They are fun to write and using the flashcards make memorizing the letters much easier. I really liked the fun activities that the workbook used to help learn the letters. Some of the letters have weird pronunciations but the book helps you know how to say the word. Like for the letter iota you say it "ee-o-ta". When I got to learning the words that was really fun! It was kind of Greek to me, haha!! The workbook is very helpful in helping you know how to pronounce the words. There are fun activities and reminders for practices flashcards. I really like this Greek program and I think other would like it too." 

My daughter really liked the variety of activities used to teach and engage her in learning and reinforcing the letter and words. She never seemed overwhelmed or frustrated. She actually enjoyed working on Greek daily.

There are a total of 30 lesson in the workbook. Each lesson begins with the new letter or word along with pronunciation helps. Activities and writing practices are given throughout the lesson to reinforce the new word or letter as well as the past letters and words. There are reminders at the bottoms of each page to practice flashcards. Activities such as fill-in-the-blank, yes or no, matching, and coloring are utilized. 

Ideally, a student can complete Level 2 in 30 weeks or sooner if they are extremely motivated learners. Once the student has successfully learned the alphabet and the eleven vocabulary words they are ready for Level 3! 

Learning Greek requires A LOT of memorization and repetition!! Unless you are willing to adhere daily practice it will be very hard to stay on top of the learning curve. Students are not only having to learn unfamiliar letters but further on it gets much more difficult when you have to learn declensions, genders, and tenses. It is a lot of work but so worth the reward in the end. 

The answer key is very simply the answers. 

The flashcards are at the back of the workbook. The student simply 
cuts out the cards as needed.

This program is really fantastic. It is simple yet does a great job at teaching "very" basic Biblical Greek. Level 2 would be ideal for early elementary or for students that want to start out slow. I would highly recommend this program to others searching for a good Biblical Greek program of study for their students or for themselves. Looking at the program as a whole Level 8 actually has students translating scripture. 

The FAQ page is a great source of information. On this page you can also find placement tests for each level. 

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