Tuesday, May 25, 2021

One More Story


I received this complimentary product through the 
Homeschool Review Crew.

One More Story is an online library of some very well known children's books. Each of the books are read aloud by over thirty professional actors and the music is original and unique. The music is by Robby Merkin, the former music director of Sesame Street. The narration, music and sound effects help to capture a child's attention. One goal of One More Story is to enable pre-readers to experience the joy of reading while at the same time gaining fundamental reading skills through the use of the Read-Along Mode. As the book is read to the child the words are highlighted in read so that the child can follow along and begin to connect spoken words with written words. For the emergent reader, the I Can Read It Mode enables the child to read the book without the narration. The child can click on words that they are struggling with or do not know. There is a My Word List that the child can click on that contains the words that they have clicked on. There is also a Vocabulary section that defines challenging words in the book and then shows the word within the context of the book. There are some more features available for the school and classroom subscriptions. 

There are 5 sections, 87 books in total, in the One More Story Library.

The Seven Silly Eaters
is one of my favorite books that I read to my 
younger kiddos when they were younger. 

Challenging words found in The Seven Silly Eaters. 

Simply click on a word from the above list and the word pops up.
A definition is given. The place in the book where the word is found in
written context is also given. 

Black Beauty is one of the books in the lime section. 

The one NEGATIVE take on the program is that when you are reading a 
book independently and accidentally click on the green arrow more than once
you cannot go back. There is no back button. I have an Apple laptop and 
many times we found that it was quite easy to accidentally touch the green arrow
what we thought was once but must have been twice and it moved two pages ahead 
and there was no way to turn the page back. This is something that needs to be fixed.

I think that most of us are very familiar with The Snowy Day. 

By simply clicking on any given word in the book the word will change to red.
The word will be read aloud if the child is reading the book independently. 

I was familiar with many of the books. Some of the books I have not heard of before. I would have liked to have seen more award winning books and classic books in the line up. I did see that they are in the process on continually adding more books which I think is wonderful. I would recommend One More Story to parents or educators. This is a great way for pre-readers and beginning readers to enjoy some great children's books read by various actors and set to music and sound. Be sure to read what my Fellow Crew Members had to say about One More Story. 

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to review One More Story. Our goal is to help create life-long readers. By allowing children to independently engage in and enjoy literature, we feel we are instilling in them the desire to read. That desire is a key in the process of learning to read. Happy Reading!


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