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Pursued To Eternity

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John Riley's book Pursued To Eternity by Covenant Books explores the fundamental flaws of evolution. With scripture, evidence found in nature, and basic logic, clearly there had to have been a Creator of the universe. John also sets out to show how the Creator desires for man to know Him. He points to all of the problems found in evolution and the need for a designer. John weaves in apologetics, creation science, and storytelling to make for a very exciting read from beginning to end. The book has 17 chapters and is 151 pages in length. In the Introduction it states, "This is a short novel with fictional events, such as hunting for dinosaurs, living during the Exodus, managing school conflicts, searching for oil. Also blended into the book are nonfictional challenges to evolution and an extensive survey of apologetics." 

The book is very special in that it is about two brothers. One who knew God and the other who had faith in science by not God. Together they would journey into ancient history. Connor Bridges, a biology teacher, and author of this book is a Christian. Dr. Alan Bridges, a geologist, would be pursued by God, and before his death he accepted Christ! This book chronicles Connor and Alan's six-month amazing odyssey before Alan's death. 

John takes us on a fast ride through time. The book uses timelines referencing the Bible beginning with Creation. God was there when time began. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1 Chapter One discusses God's pursuit of man and Satan's desire to keep man in unbelief. Darwin's book, The Descent of Man, which came out in 1871 which brought with it lies and racism. 

Chapter Two takes us back to the flood, the Tower of Babel. We meet a group of hunters. The hunters wound the mighty beast. The dinosaur cries out. The net holding the creature in cannot contain it. The creatures tail strikes one of the men and flings him into a nearby bog. Struggling to escape the creature falls backwards on top of the man's head. Death overtakes both. 

The next chapters cover Egyptians and the Hebrew people. 

In Chapter 9 entitled, Please Don't Indoctrinate Us!, Connor grapples with how to reach his students concerning the topic of creation in a public school district that only allows the teaches to teach evolution in the science curriculum. Following a school victory by the basketball team Connor invites some students over for pizza. To pass the time one of the students asks about a particular question on a test given earlier in the week. 

Given a box of jigsaw-puzzle pieces of the fifty states, you are asked to select each piece from
the box in alphabetical order...blindfolded. How many incorrect selections are probable 
before one correct selection, with all the pieces in proper order, is made?

Connor uses this to explain the flaws in evolution. He gives evidence to back up the need for a designer. The students begin to see the flaws in evolution and get excited. They begin to question and research on their own. They then start a website for students to share their insight and list 65 flaws in evolution. Some of the questions were:
  • What was the origin of the energy that was released by the Big Bang?
  • How could a chaotic event like the Big Bang produce the planet earth, which seems to be very well ordered to support life?
  • New human cells are constantly being produced in the human body. How does science explain the origin of human cell regeneration as described. Two million new red blood cells each second. One-half quart of new cerebrospinal fluid each day. Nine thousand new taste buds every ten days. A new stomach lining every five days. A new epidermis every twenty-seven days. A new liver every year. 
Connor eventually will pay the ultimate price for his students questioning of their curriculum and loose his job. This though only opens further doors of opportunity to explore and share. This begins his next chapter in life, Digging Up History. 

Connor's first excavation was in Africa. The discovery turned out to be a human man that had fallen into a pit followed by a large animal, dinosaur like that had crushed the human. This proved that humans and dinosaurs existed together. Final proof never was determined due to a plane crash. In searching for the two skulls in the sand of Cairo they yet again stumbled upon another HUGE discovery, that of proof of the Exodus. 

John teaches a course on SchoolhouseTeachers.com entitled, Apologetics: Creation vs. Evolution.

Please take the time to read what my Fellow Crew Members had to say about Pursued To Eternity. I would most definitely recommend this book. This would be a great book to read as a family, as an individual, in a small group setting, church youth group, class room, or homeschool. 


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