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I received this complimentary product through the 
Homeschool Review Crew.

I have been asked to write an informative review about Words Rock Online from is an online comprehensive literacy program for students ages 5-15 and beyond. Words Rock Online covers Spelling, Grammar, Advanced Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, and Pre-Literacy with automated Adaptive Learning that systematically builds word skills. The program works on all major browsers, PCs, Macs, Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, and Android tablets. In the US the topics follow the Common Core State Standards. 

The Words Rock Online app is just one of the six EdAlive Central apps.
Whether you choose for your student to use two or all 
of the apps your student will only need one log-in for all EdAlive apps. 
Each app can be purchased by the month or by the year. 

Below is what the Home Screen looks like. The program creates individualized 
learning pathways for your student that will specifically target their 
learning needs. Your child will be able to work at his/her own pace. Parents will
be able to choose what they know their child needs to practice most. If while working
through a particular subject and the subject matter becomes too difficult simply click the 
button entitled TOO HARD and the questions will
automatically be adjusted in difficulty. 

When you click the QUESTIONS ONLY screen your student will have the option 
to choose from the following Adaptive Learning content. 

There are 4 modes of literacy content:
Adaptive learning with ALL CONTENT
Adaptive learning with a specific topic such as Spelling
Manually select questions by CURRICULUM CONTENT
Play the Words Rock Game

The program covers a wide variety of elements. 

Achievement Report
This is a student's achievement report based on the content that they
have successfully completed. 

Students earn AGENT CARDS for each correct problem that
they answer while working through the Words Rock questions.

There is a fully interactive, real-time, multi player game. Students are 
Street Smart Seekers. The object of the game is to sleuth out the Super Slugs. As
students complete questions they will earn points to then play the game. 
Students can play against each other or against Smart Computer Players. 
There are two game modes, a basic game for younger students and 
a more advanced game for older students. Students will use both 
logic and deduction as they try to locate the parts of the Super Slugs 

HERE ARE SOME OF THE QUESTIONS that your child will
may be asked...

Be sure to check out the reviews from my Fellow Crew Members and see what they have to say about the various EdAlive apps. After reviewing the Words Alive app I would be very confident in recommending it to friends, fellow homeschoolers, and educators. I was impressed by the wide variety of topics used in the questions as well as the assortment of ways that questions were asked. The program is very user friendly for both the student as well as the parent or educator. 

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