Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Inside This Book

Inside this book
(are three books)

 by Barney Saltzberg

My daughter and I recently read this book while at a local museum. The book treats its readers to a surprise as you begin to read. Within this book there are actually three books! 

Seymour, Fiona, and Wilber create their own books. Seymour, the oldest, writes his book in pen and illustrates it in watercolor. Fiona, the middle child, creates her book with colored pencils and pen. Then, the youngest, Wilber uses color pastels and pencil.

This is the perfect book to encourage young children to become budding writers and illustrators. After reading this book my daughter she asked me if she could write her own book. 

I would highly recommend this book. Help unleash the imagination and creativity in your child. 
This book can be purchased on Amazon

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