Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I had the opportunity to review the Pro Plan on HelpTeaching.com. HelpTeaching.com is an amazing resource for educators that provides online and printable tests, activities, games, and lessons for PreK-12.

Often times I need to fill in the gaps and this site was helpful in providing easy to access learning aids. HelpTeaching.com is a bit of a one stop shop. Whether you are looking for handwriting help for your 1st grader, or a simple quiz to see that your 10th grader is understand his/her current read, The Catcher in the Rye. The wide range of teaching tools is just a click away.

I found myself utilizing the Tests & Worksheets option a lot. The ease with which I was able to locate particular material that I wanted made this site extremely useful. 

My 4th grader really enjoyed the reading lessons with comprehension questions included at the end. She loves all things relating to animals so I printed out reading lessons on Giraffes, Groundhogs, and The Fuzzy Caterpillar.

My 2nd grader had fun with an activity called, Feeling Words.

I was able to make a word search with the Games option to correspond with my daughter's spelling words in about a minute. With the word search creator you are able to generate a search using your own words or pre-selected words. You also have the option of titling the word search.

Since my 4th grader knows so much about animals I decided to create a test using the Test Maker. You can create your own tests or use test questions that are automatically generated for the subject and grade level of your student. It is extremely simple to create a test in a very short amount of time. Once you have created a test it automatically saves it under the My Content heading. Once you print the test out your child can take the test and you can either grade the test one the HelpTeaching.com site or print out the answers. The Test Maker is very user friendly and gives the teacher a wide range of options making the process of creating a test easy and stress free.

My 4th grader, eagerly worked through the 100+ test questions that I chose from the bank of questions by browsing. I simply chose a subject, grade level, and the types of questions I wanted and I was given 12+ pages of test questions that I could choose from. The test that I created was very useful to get a feel for how well my daughter understood the particular subject matter. Here is a sampling of some of the questions:

1. Camouflage is a way of hiding by _________ in with the environment around them. 

  • blending
  • trees
  • hiding
  • disappearing
2. Vertebrates without scales that live on the land and in the water are called __________.
  • arthropods
  • reptiles
  • mammals
  • amphibians
3. How many body regions do ants have?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
I was pleasantly surprised by how much my 4th grader has learned over the years about animals by just reading. I will definitely be using the Test Maker option on a regular basis. 

My 10th grader needed a bit more explanation on the topic of proteins for Advanced Biology. I searched the site and found the perfect complement entitled, Structure and Function of Protein, found in the Lesson option, under Online Self-Paced Science Lessons.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that HelpTeaching.com is a great resource for educators. I would recommend this site to homeschoolers and educators. Anytime that a teaching tool such as HelpTeaching.com can make teacher responsibilities a bit easier I am all for it. I cannot wait to discover all that HelpTeaching.com has to offer that I have yet to utilize. 

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