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I had the opportunity to review, Archery Dice, one of four new games by, SimplyFun. This game is for ages 7 and up, and up to 4 players. Forget about rolling dice, because in this game you get to flick the dice! This fun, new game requires strategy as well as great aim. Players stack dice, flick them, and try to get their dice to hit the bull's eye. But wait! Just when you think your dice is in a perfect spot your opponent may steal a spot closer to the bull's eye. WARNING: This game is highly addictive, produces laughter, and loud noise.

When we played our first game of Archery Dice only a few wanted to play. As the first game proceeded and laughter was heard others began to trickle in to watch. Before I knew it, there were more people than player pieces. Everyone wanted their turn at flicking the dice. As we continued to play we realized how important hand-eye coordination really was. Flick the dice too hard and you totally miss the target. Focus and learn just the right amount of force to exert with your flick and you have instant success. The youngest player was 7 and the oldest was 60+. I can definitely see needing to purchase another Archery Dice so that our whole family of 8 can play together without having to wait for a turn. I cannot wait to pull this out for our next youth group event.

Deep in concentration!!! 

In a nutshell, players stack their dice, aim, and flick! There are two ways to win a target. Either hit the bull's eye or roll the highest number on the die. Opponents try to bump your die out of place to steal the target. Fouled die are placed under the wooden disk. Do not fear! Banked targets cannot be taken away by opponents. Of course, there are many other particulars to the game that I will not go into detail about for this review. How exactly does someone win the game? Well, the first player to collect four targets is the winner!! 

and don't forget to have fun!!

What my kiddos had to say....
My 2nd grader said, "Archery Dice is easy to place but so much fun. Sometimes I have a hard time making good flicks because I am laughing so hard."

My 4th grader said, "I like Archery Dice because I really like flicking the dice. At first I did not want to play but now I love to play. My mom says sometimes we get too loud." 

My 7th grader said, "I love the competition of Archery Dice. The game is so intense. Everyone is out to get the most targets and flick other players dice out of the way. It is like a fierce battle."

Final Thoughts
This is a must have game for any family! Archery Dice is not only fun for kids but it is also a great game to entertain your adult guests. SimplyFun has a great line of games. Be sure to go to their site and check them all out. 

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