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The Cat of Bubastes

The Cat of Bubastes

The Cat of Bubastes by G.A. Henty is one of a long list of works based on historical fiction written by this 19th century novelist. During the Crimean War, Henty sent countless letter home to his father. His letters were so captivating that his father took Henty's letters to the local newspaper, The Morning Advisor, and they were published. Henty went on to become a journalist and war correspondent. Many of his books came to life as a result of tales he told his children to entertain them. Each of Henty's adventures are set during important periods in history. While being entertained by each adventure, student's learn so much about history. 

The Cat of Bubastes centers around Egypt during the time of the Egyptians. Amuba, a prince, is carried into slavery. While being enslaved in the house of Ameres, Jethro and Amuba, befriend the Egyptian high priests, son, Chebron. On accident, Chebron kills a cat. Cats were held highly sacred by the ancient Egyptians. Ameres is killed and Jethro and Amuba must protect, secure, and escape taking with them the high priest's children. Thus begins a very long and dangerous journey. 

My 7th grader said:

"The Cat of Bubastes is a story of ancient Egypt. This book tells of a young prince who is taken as a slave by a dominating army. Once he arrived in Egypt, a high priest takes him home where he finds a friend in Chebron, the high priest's son. Once Chebron accidentally shoots the sacred cat of Bubastes and all of Egypt is enraged. Chebron, Prince Amuba, and a few other companions must make a long and dangerous journey to Prince Amuba's homeland where they would be safe."

My daughter is an avid reader and flies through books at a crazy rate. She found this book to be very interesting and has shown interest in reading more of Henty's books. As a mother and educator I think that good literature is critical. In today's world of electronic devices and distractions students are neglecting the importance of literature. With that said, in my opinion, not all books are created equal. My children like to read current books and book series that come out but I am adamant that they read classics, and literature that not only entertains, but teaches. Henty's books definitely fit into the category of not only entertaining the reader, but also teaching. Good literature stands the test of time and Henty's books are among such books. 

How often have you heard the words, "Wow, the book was so much better than the movie." There is something to be said for the way a good book draws the reader in. As you read you visualize for yourself what the characters look like and how the scenery surrounding the characters looks. In a way, a book become your own. Henty's books take its readers on amazing historical adventures through time.

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