Monday, May 30, 2016

Fast Flip

Fast Flip is a fun new games by BlueOrangeGames. We have a growing collection of games by this company and have NEVER been disappointed with any of the games. Fast Flip is for ages 7 and up, and for 2-8 players.

Fast Flip is a face paced game of recognition and reaction. The object of the game is to be the first player to find a match between two cards.

There are multiple ways you can play Fast Flip. 

Game 1 is called Flip It! Over a series of rounds, players simultaneously race to find matches. As cards are revealed from the center pile players scramble to be the first to find and call out a match. Be careful, because if you happen to call out the wrong answer you do not get a second chance. You will have to wait until the next round. The game is over when one card in the deck is left. The player with the most cards WINS.

Game 2 is called Token Grab! This game will utilize the tokens. During set-up 10 tokens are arranged face. Instead of calling out matches, players must quickly grab the correct token. Beware because other players in subsequent rounds can take one of your tokens if it is a match. When any player has four tokens the game ends and that player is the WINNER.

Game 3 is called Token Line! In this game tokens are arranged in a line during set-up. Tokens determine matches in each turn. For example, when a card is flipped up players look to the far left token in line to find a match. Whoever calls out the match wins the token. After 10 turns the player with the most tokens is the WINNER.

Any way you play, you will have fun! Competition is fierce and laughing and screaming is going to happen! The games are short enough that you can easily play all versions in one sitting.

Enjoy Some Fast Flip
Summer Fun!

Disclaimer: I received this game from Blue Orange for my honest review. 

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