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Memoria Press

I was thrilled when given the opportunity to review Traditional Logic I Complete Set by Memoria Press. This curriculum is recommended for grades 7-12. The book includes 14 chapters with quizzes and a final exam. Not sure if you can tackle teaching your student logic. Not a problem, Memoria Press designed this curriculum specifically for individuals with no logic background.

The set includes:
  • Student Workbook
  • Quizzes and Tests 
  • Teacher Key
  • Instructional DVD's

noun log·ic \ˈlä-jik\ 
  1. a proper or reasonable way of thinking and understanding something
  2. a particular way of thinking about something
  3. the science of studying processes utilized in thinking and reasoning
Logic trains the mind to respect truth. The student will be introduced to traditional logic, rather than modern logic. You may be wondering, what exactly is the difference between these two forms of logic? Traditional logic studies classical syllogism. Syllogism is a formal argument in logic formed by two statements and a conclusion that must be true if the two supporting statement are true. Modern logic studies the calculus of propositions which basically uses combined statements that can be true or false using logical operations. 

Your student will cover:
  • Simple Apprehension (Term)
  • Judgement (Proposition)
  • Deductive Inference (Syllogism)
In even more simpler terms: 
  • Learn four logical statements
  • Four ways statements can be opposite
  • Three ways statements can be equivalent 
  • Learn the seven rules of validity

Joshua is in the 9th grade. 

Student Workbook
The book begins with a very informative introduction. The book ends with an overall review of what was learned. Since this may be a student's first experience with logic there is a glossary of terms relating to traditional logic. 

There are 14 chapter. Each chapter has text that the student reads as well as daily exercises. The exercises consist of a variety of questions utilizing:
  • short answer
  • true/false
  • matching
  • chart completion

In Chapter 5 the student learns about the Four Statements of Logic. Using propositions and qualifiers your student will then answer statements such as:

All terrorist are hijackers. 
Type of Statement:_____________

In Chapter 2 the student will learn about The Porphyrian Tree. Invented by the third-century logician Porphyry, this tree gives an easy way to dissect complex concepts into simplistic concepts. 

After completion, I will count this course towards a partial elective credit for high school graduation. 

Instructional DVD's
There is a partial sample DVD lesson on this page that will give you a idea of what you can expect in terms of instruction. My son found the DVD's to really help in understanding the lessons. 

My son said, "Learning logic is kind of confusing and complicated. You really have to think. You cannot just blow through the lessons without really concentrating and thinking things through.

Teacher Key
The key gives answers to the daily exercises, quizzes, and tests. For me this key was vital!! 

Quizzes and Tests
The pages are perforated for easy removal. There is a quiz for each chapter, but chapters 6-7 have a combined quiz. The final exam is relatively short, only three pages, and consist of the major highlights of what was learned. 

For purposes of discussion and help, Memoria Press has an online forum. This is a great place to seek insight and help. 

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