Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lamplighter Publishers

I have found a new love!! We are big readers in our house. Recently I had the opportunity to read a couple of books from the Lamplighter Rare Collector Series and absolutely fell in love. Lamplighter Publishers have reproduced rare books from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries into a collection called the Lamplighter Collection. These books are true treasures that the whole family can enjoy. 

One of the books that we read was Little Threads by Elizabeth Prentiss. Elizabeth uses the illustration of fine satin and how one single thread can ruin the whole piece. She uses tanged thread, golden thread, and silver thread to identify her characters. Little Threads tells the story of the very different lives of two girls, one who comes from a wealthy family and the other who lives in poverty. Little Tangled Thread lives a comfortable, privileged life but she is difficult, unruly, hot-tempered, and disrespectful. She takes pride in her naughty disposition. Her poor mother prays to God to change the heart of Little Tangled Thread. Then we meet Little Golden Thread. She comes from a broken home and has very little. Despite her circumstances, Little Golden Thread is cheerful, kind, thoughtful, and thankful. Tragedy befalls Little Golden Thread and her mother. Whilst working her mother is nearly blinded which leads Little Golden Thead and her mother more destitute than they already were. Golden Threads mother is oh so grateful for her loving and obedient child. This is when the lives of Little Tangled Thread and Little Golden Thread unite for a sweet and heartwarming happening of events. 

Elizabeth Prentiss intended this book to serve as a tool for children to learn obedience. Elizabeth said this about Little Threads, "It is an amusing book, but may it also accomplish much good for generations to come."

Some of the wonderful gems in the Lamplighter Collection are:

  • Amy and Her Brothers
  • Basil; Or, Honesty and Industry
  • Basket of Flowers
  • The Battle
  • The Birds Nest
  • The Captive
  • Fire in the Sky
  • The Giant Killer
  • Helen's Temper and the Consequences
  • The Inheritance 
I absolutely love their Mission Statement. They also have a Dramatic Audio Series

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