Monday, February 27, 2017

Math Mammoth ~ A Review

The Light Blue Series from Math Mammoth is an affordable math curriculum for grades 1-7. My 3rd grader has been working through the Math Mammoth Grade 3 Complete Curriculum. For the purpose of this review I received the downloadable version of the curriculum. There are several option for purchasing Math Mammoth Light Blue Series. You can purchase the curriculum via download, physical workbooks, or on CD. All options are extremely affordable.

The Grade 3 download version includes:

  • two worktexts (A and B)
  • answer keys
  • tests
  • cumulative reviews
  • worksheet maker
  • soft-pak
This is a complete curriculum. Grade 3 is such a pivotal transition grade for students. In third grade they are learning multiplication and division, more complex addition and subtraction, fractions, basic geometry, and so much more. I can still remember back to my 3rd grade year in school. As my daughter worked through Math Mammoth I was pleased with how well concepts were explained, both in words and pictures. The worktexts are colorful, yet not overly distracting. 

Our experience with Math Mammoth has been extremely positive. My 3rd graders least favorite subject is MATH. My daughter is quick to share how much she doesn't like math. At first she was not excited about yet ANOTHER kind of math. I will be completely honest, at first she shed tears. It was new and different. That bundled with the fact that math isn't her favorite subject got us off to a rocky start. Fast forward to day 4 when I was shocked at my daughter's comment, "Mommy, I finished my two pages. Do you want me to go ahead and do some more." Yes, she seriously asked to do more than I had asked her to do. 

My daughter liked that there were not too many problems. Each chapter is broken down into subtopics that are about 3-4 pages in length. At the end of each chapter is a cumulative review. Here is an example from Worktext A entitled, Mental Subtraction with Three-Digit Numbers. The lesson is well explained, not too busy, colorful but not too distracting, and just enough problems to ensure that the student gets what is being taught. 

To make it more fun I let my daughter pick out a three ring binder to put her Math Mammoth Worktext in. We have a really good color laser printer at home so I was able to print the worktext myself. I opted to print the pages front and back so that the worktext didn't seem SO BIG. Kids, at least mine, are turned off by thick workbooks or books. I opted to us my computer to access the Answer Key. This helped save on the cost of printing. 

My daughter used some manipulatives that we already owned. The manipulatives do not come with the curriculum. My daughter benefits from visually touching and seeing what is being shown on paper. 

If you are not sure about where your child should start within the Math Mammoth curriculum they have you covered. Math Mammoth has placement tests to help determine exactly where your child needs to start. Math Mammoth not only offers complete curriculums but they also offer supplemental material, topical units, worksheets, and so much more. They also offer an International Version. And my daughter's favorite, the mammoth mascot! Mathy the Mammoth Math Mascot can be purchased on Amazon. My daughter LOVES stuffed animals and what kid wouldn't love to have a stuffed animal to help them on their Math Mammoth journey. *Disclaimer - This stuffed mammal is not a Math Mammoth product. It is only a fun, suggested purchase to fit their mammoth theme.

Math Mammoth makes grading your students tests easy with test point suggestion pages.

Overall, I would be very apt to recommend this curriculum to others. If I had to give three reasons why I liked the curriculum I would say it is affordable, easy to follow, and a kid-friendly complete curriculum.

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