Monday, June 19, 2017

Dear Mazie

This past weekend my 9 year old daughter decided to write a letter to Mazie. It was so sweet and 
helped me to get into her head a bit about her thoughts about Mazie. 

Did you know that I have a whole section of pictures on my wall of you? I liked it when you came to our house. I had so much fun at the lake house with you. Mazie, you are bite sized just like me. I am like the size of you, kind of like a granola bar, that is bite sized. When you get older I can get my blood taken with you. Don’t worry not your blood my blood. I can hold you. You can cuddle me and I can cuddle you when I am sad, mad, or missing mama too much. Whenever I go to HopeKids events you can come with me! You can come to church with me. When I am having a hard time with homework you can sit by me and cuddle. I don’t like MATH. We can play tug of war. That is my favorite dog game. You can come to stores with me since you will be a service dog. We can grow up together.


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