Saturday, June 17, 2017


Floriography or Florology goes back in time to the Persians but gained widespread popularity during the Victorian Era. So what is Florology? In simple terms it is the use of flowers or flower arrangement to convey ones thoughts or feelings to another person. During the Victorian Era many books were published on the subject. This was a time when it was not considered proper to express ones feeling to another. By giving someone flowers you could convey secretly your message to them. This interesting article goes into a bit more detail on Florology. How Flower-Obsessed Victorians Encoded Messages in Bouquets is also a very intriguing article. Throughout time man has used various ways to communicate thought and feelings without using words. For example, did you know that a daisy symbolizes innocence and purity? Or did you know that Anemone symbolizes fading hope and being forsaken. The twist though is that depending on how a flower is arranged by itself or as a bouquet it can have a drastically different convenance of meaning. While Anemone can denote fading hope it is can convey anticipation. So the next time you think about giving someone flowers you may want to see what its meaning is. 

"Flowers...adorn our lanes, fields and fells, 
upon us and cheer and bless us in our country rambles...the lovely blossoms...kiss the clear brooks and 
mountain wells...
~James Rigg~ 

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