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K5 Learning ~ A Review

The Online Program from K5 Learning is an online reading and math program for students in grades Kinder-5th grade. The K5 Learning Online Program is meant to be a supplemental academic based program. 

Students start the online program with an assessment. The assessment has two parts, a math assessment and a reading assessment. From the assessment the program places the child at the grade appropriate level at which they should begin. I had two of my children complete the assessment and was less than impressed with their placements. Both of my children scored way below their academic level. Their placements were not even close to where they are academically. To change your child's level you have to go into the parent dashboard and request a level change. I really didn't like that the parent does not have the ability to change levels on their own within the dashboard themselves. For me this was a huge drawback to the program. 

Some of the advantages to the program:
  • each student has his/her own log-in and password
  • students progress is saved after each session
  • parents have their own separate log-in to keep up with each child's progress
  • worksheets can be printed for additional reinforcement 
  • the program is visually appealing

The program covers lessons and worksheets in reading, math, and spelling. The reading covers phonetic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The math portion of the program covers numbers & operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis, and algebraic thinking. Finally, the spelling contains a database of 150,000 words. Students can practice spelling or work on their vocabulary. 

You can go to the site and previews dozens of lesson samples for all of the grades. 

The lessons are fairly short which is a plus. I did feel that there was a lack in overall instruction, especially in the math section. 

The site was easy to navigate and was definitely inviting for children. This online program would be perfect for the parent wanting to have more of a hands off approach since the program tracks and allows the parent to see how their child is doing. 

In Level 5 of Reading Comprehension the teacher guides the animated students as well as your child through the reading of a short book. The program students read while your child listens. There is an interaction between the animated students and yours. My daughter did not particularly like it because in her word, "They talked so slow and I just wanted them to hurry up. I was able to read it faster than the online student. I couldn't click to get to the next page. I had to wait. The story was interesting but I didn't really like how they did it." 

Some of the features I truly could not get to work. For example, the spelling and vocabulary. I inputed words into the word bank to create vocabulary and spelling tutor and I couldn't get it to create. 

I did like how each section provided the learning objectives covered and keywords that may be unfamiliar to the student. 

My daughter said, "I was really confused on this lesson. The program didn't really explain how to work through these problems. After my mom explained it made more sense. If you type the number wrong too many times it just gives you the answer. If you just sit because you are confused after awhile it gives you the next number answer." 

This was given to my daughter and it was way too easy! With that said it was a great lesson on 3D shapes. Not only did it ask about different 3D shapes but it would ask the child to choose the shape that would roll, spin, or if placed on it side would move. I really liked how they presented the material. 

I am not have been a fan of the online program but I really did like the worksheets! There is a wide range of worksheets that can easily be printed out. My kiddos preferred the worksheets to the online program. My incoming 4th grader doesn't really like reading so the reading comprehension printable were WONDERFUL! The comprehension printable lessons have a clear objective listed as well as vocabulary words that may be unfamiliar to students. After the story is read students complete multiple activities to reinforce vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling. I was very impressed with the printable worksheets. I will most definitely utilize the worksheet options over the summer to keep academic skills sharp. 

This online program was not a good fit for our family. With that said, what doesn't work for one family or child may be the prefect fit for another. The beauty of learning and homeschooling is finding what works for your child or family. I am always excited to try new program and curriculums. Even if they are not a fit for us sometimes when I am talking to someone I am able to share products that may be perfect for them. I never want to discourage someone with regards to my personal experience. Definitely check out K5 Learning for yourself. Watch some of the lesson previews. You may find that this is exactly what you are looking for. 

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