Monday, July 3, 2017

Books on Artists for Kids

My kiddos are currently doing a lap book study on Artists. While collecting books on art and artists I came across some wonderful, kid friendly books series.

The first book series is called Getting To Know The World's Greatest Artists. These books can be purchased on Amazon for a great price. The website Getting To Know, Inc. has a list of all of the books in the series.

Smart About Art is another great series. To see the whole collection you can go here.  Again, these books can also be found on Amazon.

Artist Biographies seem to be out of print. All searches came up with third party used status. We found this book at the library. I am sure that there are more in the series.

Masterpieces: Artists and Their Works is another great series. Again, it seems like these may be a bit harder to find as well. You can purchase most of them on Amazon from third parties. We found a couple at our local library.

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