Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mazie in the Making.....

Mazie is getting so big. We are enjoying getting to be a part of her life while she is being trained. She is a combination of feisty but also laid back. She definitely aims to please and is very eager to learn. Recently she got her "service animal in training" vest. She has been grocery shopping, to the mall, out to eat, to the hair salon, to the lake, and so many other places. Maybe I am a bit biased but she is very smart. Recently we had the opportunity to pick her up and bring her home for a couple of hours. She did fabulous in the car and enjoyed being with us. We had so much fun loving on her and getting to know her a bit more. Our whole family has definitely bonded with her and our love for her is strong. Her foster family is incredible and is doing a fantastic job training her! She meets with a professional trainer a couple of times a week. 

Our oldest daughter and her husband adopted a puppy from Mazie's litter. Their spunky dog, Beau is a hoot. He is very rambunctious and full of energy. He was one of the bigger puppies in the litter. Our family loves Beau and having him around. Yesterday, Mazie and Beau meet again for the first time since leaving their mom and litter siblings. Mazie's foster family has two dogs one of which is a full blood sibling from a previous litter. Beau was a bit overwhelmed and skittish as his older sister, Stella tried to play with him. It is so fun watching Mazie and Beau interact. We feel so blessed that Mazie and Beau will be able to grow up together and be best fur friends. Mazie got more of the poodle while Beau got more of the lab features. Mazie is a ball of crazy fur that is turning curler by the day while Beau's hair is wirey and straight. 

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