Friday, July 7, 2017

Memoria Press ~ First Form Latin

Back in 2015 I had the opportunity to review Latina Christiana I from Memoria Press. I absolutely loved the curriculum. My then Sophomore grade daughter took up the challenge to help me review the program. She absolutely loved learning Latin and decided that she wanted to learn Latin to fulfill her high school foreign language requirements. After she completed Latina Christiana I we decided to continue on with First Form Latin. There are four levels of Latin available through Memoria Press.

First Form Latin is ideal for any beginner students, ideally, grades 5 and up. It is also a good starting point for the student that has already completed Latina Christiana I. The grammar approach curriculum focuses on grammar forms and vocabulary. The program progresses slowly in order to help the student gain adequate mastery.

"Based on twenty years of teaching experience, this revolutionary “grammar-first” series will be your guide as you and your students successfully climb the mountain of Latin Grammar all the way to the top! The uniqueness of the First Form Series lies in two features: (1) Commitment to the trivium model of teaching grammar systematically in order to facilitate retention and understanding, rather than topically, to facilitate translation; and (2) Extensive workbook exercises to ensure skills mastery and rapid recognition of inflected forms."
So what will your student have mastered after completing First Form Latin?
  • 185 vocabulary words
  • five noun declensions
  • first and second declension adjectives
  • six indicative active tenses of the first two verb conjugations
There are five units in First Form Latin. Each unit is broken down into lessons and ends with reviews of the material covered in the unit as well as cumulatively. Each lesson in the student text begins with a Latin quote and includes grammar, vocabulary, and an oral drill. Your student should expect to spend about 45 minutes a day on their Latin. It is very important the students continue to drill themselves on the vocabulary in order to progress and succeed. 

My daughter decided to study Latin because of the many benefits that learning Latin provides such as:

  1. Latin helps with English Grammar
  2. Latin help with Etymology (word meaning)
  3. My daughter is going to go into the medical field
  4. Expand her vocabulary 
After completing First Form Latin my daughter went right into Second Form Latin and has continued to enjoy her Latin studies. I hope to soon get my review of the second year up soon. 

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