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Susan K. Marlow ~ A Review

My 8 year old daughter enjoyed reading Andi Saddles Up and Andi Under the Big Top from the new Circle C Stepping Stones written by Susan K. Marlow and published by Kregel Publications. Both of these books around 100 pages in length. Stepping Stone books are geared for ages 7-10 years of age. 

My two daughters, 8 and 10 years old, have come to love the adventures of 9 year old Andi Carter and her palomino horse, Taffy. 

In Andi Under the Big Top excitement is in the air because, the circus is coming to town! Why is this such a big deal? In 1877, events like parades and traveling circuses brought rarities, intrigue, and wonder that were rarely seen outside of a book. The circus brought wild animals, men on stilts, clowns, a big top, a parade, and so many interesting people. One such person is Henry, an orphan boy, who is enjoying the circus life. Andi is surprised and excited to see a palomino just like Taffy. 

In Andi Saddles Up Andi is celebrating her ninth birthday! Why is this such an exciting time. Andi is finally old enough to ride her beloved palomino, Taffy. Andi has ideas about learning to trick ride but her overprotective, older brother, Chad, isn't about to let Andi do it. Andi has a secret wish concerning a saddle. She also meets a new friend, Sadie. 

Both books contain a list of New Words that your child may be unfamiliar with. The potentially new words are defined. Throughout the books there are amazing, pencil drawings. 

My daughter's favorite book was Andi Under the Big Top. My daughter is a reluctant reader and these books were great to get her excited about reading. 

My daughter said, "Andi is so very excited to see the circus. Andi cannot believe that so many wonderful animals are in the circus. Andi is sad about Henry. I felt bad for him too. Andi thought that the clowns were going to be in jack-in-the-boxes. She was surprised and happy when she realized that they were people just like her only wearing make-up and costumes. I really like what happens to Henry in the end." 

Study Guide
Study guides are available for both of the above books. Each guide contains a suggested schedule for completing each book with included activities and worksheets. The guides can be be downloaded for FREE or you can purchase a spiral bound guide through the Circle C website. There are a variety of bundles that can be purchased. The guides contain:
  • fill in the blank questions
  • vocabulary
  • Bible activities
  • enrichment studies on various subject matter found in the books
  • make your own activities
  • science based activities
  • cut-out activities
  • crosswords
  • matching
  • word puzzles
  • history/geography enrichments
  • answer keys

These study guides were a great way to ensure that your child understood what was being read as well as expounding on topics talked about in the books. My daughter said, "I really had fun doing the study guide stuff. I learned so much neat stuff that I didn't already know. I also really liked the coloring pages."

The printable coloring pages are the same pictures found in the books. The detail is amazing. 

Susan K. Marlow has a wide variety of books for children of all ages. 

I absolutely adore these these books! We have a growing collection of Susan K. Marlow's books and cannot wait to add more. These books are definitely worth purchasing. You and your children will fall in love with Andi and her horse, Taffy.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for your lovely review, all the pictures (that takes time to make those collages, I know!), and the shout-out for the other series. You pretty much covered it all, and I'm so appreciative.

    I'm so glad you and your DDs enjoyed the books!


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