Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crocs has saved my sanity!!!!

It is sometimes the simple things that make life easier. One company that has made my life a bit easier, Crocs!!! For those that do not deal with enteral feeding or TPN this post may not mean too much to you. 

You see, I have two kiddos with complicated, chronic health issues. They both have central lines and g-j tubes. While most moms are trying to find ways to get their picky eaters to eat, I on the other hand, am always looking for ways to make delivering nutrition to my girls easier and simpler.

Due to health related issues, two of my daughters depend on TPN and Enteral Nutrition. One of the challenges of alternate feedings is the need to wear some sort of backpack to carry your nutrition in. Having tried medical style backpacks made especially for TPN and Enteral Feeds as well as purchasing many other backpacks intended for feeding, I found a TRUE FRIEND in Crocs!!!!

Any parent of a TPN dependent or tubie kiddo knows the frustration I am talking about. Expensive feeding backpacks do not hold up to the daily wear and weight of TPN or enteral bags. Another source of frustration comes when feeding bags leak!! Well, problem solved.

Your child can create their own special backpack

The tubing fits right in between the dual sipper

500ml enteral bag and pump
(no need to secure the bag in with a hook system)
(prime all of the air out of the bag before placing in the backpack)

TPN bag and IV pump
(my daughters bags are 2800ml and 1100ml)
(by morning the 2800ml bag has emptied enough to fit)

My kiddos Croc Backpacks are a part of who they are!!

Have a spill, just wipe it out and you are good to go!! Worried about germs? Well, you can throw these backpacks in the washing machine or wipe down. Dry time is instant or minimal. If totally submerging the backpack, the straps are the only part that will take some time to dry. I wipe my kiddos backpacks down frequently and throw them in the washing machine about every other month. I do not remove the jibbitz to wash. Both of my daughters use their Croc backpacks daily and have had them for over three years. They really do last!!!! 

When they have procedures or hospitalizations we normally add a new jibbitz or two to their collection. It is easy to change the look of the backpack by exchanging out jibbitz. 

I do not know what I would do without our wonderful Crocs Backpacks!!!!

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  1. Jennifer---we have loved Crocs for years. But who knew they had such phenomenal backpacks for your kiddos! So happy for you!