Sunday, July 26, 2015

Super Genius ~ Reading 1

Our family is somewhat obsessed with Blue Orange Games. Just last week we played a fun new game called, Super Genius ~ Reading 1. Geared for ages 6+, this matching games utilizes common sight words from the Dolch Sight Word List. Did you know that 50-80% of the words in children's books consist of Dolch words?

For those not familiar with the Dolch Word List, it is basically a list of the most commonly used words in the English language. Collectively, 220 words were compiled by a man named Edward Dolch in 1948 and published in his book, Problems in Reading. Many of these sight words cannot be sounded out, consequently they must be memorized, based on sight. 

Super Genius, Reading 1 helps make learning sight words fun!!! The game is unique in that there is ALWAYS a match between any two cards, whether picture and word. The object of the game is to find two pairs, either:
  • picture/picture
  • picture/word
  • word/word

The game can be played alone or with others. There are several variations in which the game can be played. Included in the deck of cards are directions for each version. The version that my daughter enjoys playing the most is Face Off. In order to play, you divide the cards in two piles, word cards and picture cards. You then place one pile facedown in front of each player. At the same time each player places a card face up. At the same time, both players search for the match between the two cards. The player that identifies a match first gets to keep the cards. You continue to take cards from your facedown pile and make matches until all cards are gone. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Reference cards are included

My 7 year old daughter and had so much fun playing this game. Phoebe is already reading pretty well but still had fun playing this sight word matching game. What I really liked about Super Genius ~ Reading 1, is the many skills that are being strengthened while still having fun!! Your child will gain mastery in:
  • Visual Perception
  • Focus & Attention
  • Speech & Language
  • Processing Speed

I would highly recommend this game to educators and parents. Blue Orange comes alongside to help your child become a stronger reader while having fun too!!! Whats more, you can find many other award winning, fun games to keep your whole family entertained.

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