Friday, July 3, 2015

The WORLD is our Classroom

Insects in the cricket family Tettigoniidae are commonly called katydids or bush crickets.
A couple of weeks ago we were driving and a katydid was clinging to the windshield of our car. Even with speeds of up to 70mph this little guy was able to hold on. Our 20 minute drive turning into a fascinating and suspenseful experience as we debated as to whether the katydid would be able to hang on. Some of the kiddos began to cheer the little guy on. One of my kiddos said, "Mom, if that bug looses its hold it will go flying and probably splat to its death on someone else's car." When we got to our final destination we took pictures of the brave little katydid. This got my children intrigued as to just how this insect was able to hold on like it did.

We researched many sites such as this one.  Thanks to the internet we were able to learn everything we could have ever imagined about this valiant little creature.

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