Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SimplyFun ~ Expanders

I had the privilege of reviewing the game Expanders, by SimplyFun. SimplyFun has over 100 award winning games. Incorporated into each game are easy to learn concepts as well as skill building mastery. While having fun, your child will develop language skills, math concepts, critical thinking, reasoning and so much more. SimplyFun has games for:
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Early Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Teens and Families

SimplyFun believes in the importance of PLAY. Through play, connections are built, not only in learning but also in peer and family interactions. I love that this company's focus is on "physical games" and not virtual games on the computer, iPad, or gaming devices. I have fond memories playing board games as a child and love opportunities to play games with my children. 

SimplyFun games are an engaging way to master and review important academic skills while  having fun too!!! Expanders, by SimplyFun, is just one of the many games your family can enjoy. The objective of Expanders is to identify two numbers and their sum, difference, product or quotient. Players use their tokens to form math problems . Players expand numbers, find pairs, fill the open spaces, and try to block the other players. The winner is the first person who uses all of his/her Expander Tokens. The game can be played using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Expander is geared for ages 7 and up. 

How we used Expanders
I played Expanders with my 2nd and 4th graders. My 2nd grader played the addition/subtraction version, while my 4th grader played the multiplication/division version of the game. Both of my daughters enjoyed playing Expanders. During the summer months when formal schooling is on hiatus, Expander is just what they both need to keep their math facts rolling. One aspect of the game that I really like is that, at the end of the game, it really did not matter who won. Whether I win or my daughter wins, she is the true winner because she is reinforcing her math facts!!

My 2nd grader playing Expanders, addition/subtraction version.

During one particular game with my 2nd grader, she found that she could take the easy way out and "copy cat" my moves. This sent her into giggles throughout the whole game. Again, she may not have been finding her own moves but by merely copying mine she was still reinforcing her addition/subtraction math facts through repetition.

My incoming 4th grader is still struggling with her multiplication facts. I have tried just about everything to help make learning multiplication, fun. My daughter is one of those kids that "just does NOT like MATH". She was not too enthusiastic when I asked her to play Expanders. As we began to play she decided that learning her multiplication facts "this way" was much more fun!! 

My 7 year old had one of her little friends, who is 5 years old, over for a play date. I got out the Expanders game and let my 7 year old teach her friend how to play the game. Even though they didn't exactly follow all of the rules, they had fun playing. In between all of their giggling, it was fun listening to them work out addition facts. Who said math can't be fun!!

Overall thoughts
I am impressed with SimplyFun and their desire to help make learning fun, while at the same time, drawing families together around the table. Expanders was a hit in our home. Learning can be fun and SimplyFun provides great products to challenge the mind while still providing entertainment. I would definitely recommend Expanders to other educators or parents. I cannot wait to try more "FUN GAMES" from SimplyFun. 

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