Monday, October 12, 2015


Did you know.........

Apples are the most popular fruit in the United States.
Apples are members of the rose family.
Apples grow in orchards.
Apples rarely grow from seeds.
Apples farmers utilize grafting to grow the trees.
Apple trees usually have to be around 5 years old to produce fruit.
Apples start out as blossoms.
Apples need other apple trees and pollen to produce apples.
Apples grow throughout the summer months.
Apples are nourished by sugars made in the leaves of the trees.
Apples require fifty leaves to produce one apple.
Apple skin is determined as a result of a chemical reaction.
Apple varieties are in the thousands.

The word APPLE is thought to come from the Old English word AEPPEL
which referred to all fruit. 

A missionary named, John Chapman, planted many apple orchards
to help provide food for people to eat. For 40 years he traveled 
checking up on all of the apple orchards he started. 

October is National Apple Month

Did you know that 25% of an apples volume is AIR!! That is 
why apples float. 

China is the foremost producer of apples. The United States is second in line.

Isaac Newton is thought to have developed the Law of Gravitation 
after an apple fell on his head from a tree. 

Did you know that apple seeds contain a TOXIN called Cyanide!!

These are a few of my favorite books about apples.

God put His mark in every detail of creation. 

Apple themed crafts to come!!


  1. :) I did not know that China produced more apples than us! I don't remember eating any apples in China. Lots of rice, though! ;)

  2. We have that 3 in 1 book and my son has always loved it! It seemed such an odd choice for a toddler favorite, lol! I need to find it again and use it during this apple season! :)