Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Connect With Your Imagination

I was recently contacted by Click-A-Brick to review their new Rainbowland 112 Piece Set. My children and I have reviewed many Click-A-Brick sets and love them. While other building sets have only one way to attach two pieces together, the possibilities with Click-A-Brick are endless. Whether you are creating something using the directions given or using your imagination, you are sure to become hooked. The building bricks are easy to put together and take apart. The brick are both colorful and well made.

My daughter was jumping up and down when she saw this new Click-A-Brick set. She immediately went to work building each object included in the instruction manual. My daughter sat for over two hours building, taking apart, and building again. The manual has directions for building 16 objects including:
  • flowers
  • car
  • reindeer
  • butterfly
  • flamingo
  • mermaid

We had several kiddos over for some playtime and the Click-A-Bricks were a hit!!! I ended up getting out all of the sets that we have because everyone wanted to build. For over an hour all of the kiddos, ranging in ages from 5-9, built stuff from the instructions and then began using their imaginations to see who could build the most creative object. It was soon evident that I needed A LOT more Click-A-Bricks. 

The one issue that we have with the Click-A-Bricks is that sometimes the pieces are hard to get apart. They have come out with a new prying tool to help get tough pieces apart. My daughter was really happy to see this new tool including in the set. This is a common issue with many building sets and so not that big of a deal. 

As a parent I much rather see my children actively playing and creating than being glued to an electronic device. Thank you Click-A-Brick for providing a fun building block to spark creativity. 

Disclaimer: I received a discount from Click-A-Brick on this set in exchange for my honest thoughts about their product. 

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