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Reading Kingdom

I had the opportunity to review Reading Kingdom Online, by Reading Kingdom. Reading Kingdom is an online program that teaches children to read up to a 3rd grade level. The program strives to meet all needs of individual readers from early readers, advanced readers, as well as those students struggling with reading. The program evaluates and customizes learning to your students unique needs. 

Learning to read is definitely not a one size fits all approach for all students. Some children catch on to reading early and advance quickly. Other children struggle learning to read and often times fall behind and struggle to catch up. What is unique about this particular reading program is that they understand that each child is different. Before beginning the program you child will be evaluated to see exactly where they are at. The evaluation process is not overwhelming and the child does not even know that they are being tested. The program takes your child through a series of tasks and activities to build their own customized reading program. This can be very helpful for the parent or educator that needs guidance with regards to proper placement or ultimate success. 

While learning to read you child will be exposed to a wide variety of activities, games and skill builders that are fun. Because the program adjusts to their level they go into the program feeling successful and confident.

Reading Kingdom Online teaches reading using these six elements:
  1. Phonics
  2. Sequencing 
  3. Writing
  4. Meaning
  5. Grammar
  6. Comprehension
According to the Department of Education:

"It is estimated that more than $2 billion is spent each year on students who repeat a grade because they have reading problems."

"Forty-four percent of American 4th grade students cannot read fluently, even when they read grade-level stories aloud under supportive testing conditions."  

Many reading programs utilize only one or a few of the above six elements leaving gaps in the overall reading program. 

Who Used The Program
My second grader used the Reading Kingdom program. She was very excited to get to do reading on the computer. At the onset parents are warned NOT TO HELP their child. As a parent this was very hard. Reading Kingdom does not want any parental involvement during the evaluation process as they want to evaluate the child's understand, not the parent's. My daughter was able to sit through the evaluation process without an issues. 

Now it was time for my daughter to jump right into the program. Since my daughter is not too familiar with the keyboard and typing she was put at more of a beginner level. Her current reading skill level did not really match up with where the program placed her because of her typing deficit. She began working and as soon as she became more familiar with the keyboard and where the placement of the letters were I opted to advance her to the highest level that was more in line with her reading ability. At any point while working through the program the parent can go to the Dashboard under Account Setting to move the student to a different level.

If you do not have time to look at your child's progress on a daily basis, that's okay. At any time, you are able to log into your account and view your child's progress. Reading Kingdom also sends progress reports via e-mail. 

What My Child Thought of Reading Kingdom
My 2nd grader approached this program as a game rather than actual schoolwork. Score!!! At the beginning she was a bit frustrated by the keyboard but quickly became fairly proficient at typing. My daughter eagerly spent time engaging in the program. Confidence in her ability to succeed, on her own, equals growth and success. My daughter was not challenged in her reading as much as she was with regards to her typing skills. She did benefit from other vital elements of the program that help develop writing, grammar and comprehension skills.

My 2nd Grader's Thoughts
My daughter said, "I liked doing Reading Kingdom. It was lots of fun. I learned to type. I learned where all of the letter were. The games were fun. The reading was fun. I learned a lot. I like doing this kind of schoolwork."

Final Thoughts
I would definitely recommend Reading Kingdom to other homeschoolers, parents, and educators. Learning to read well is such an important element to a child's overall academic success and this program is an excellent tool to help accomplish the job. The program was engaging, fun, and overall a very solid reading program. Reading Kingdom also has an ASD Reading Program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you have a struggling reader, are looking for a boost for your beginning reader, or need a comprehensive reading program I would encourage you to take a look at Reading Kingdom. Reading Kingdom offers a 30-Day Free Trial of their program.  

When we read a story, we inhabit it. The covers of the book are like a roof and four walls. What is to happen next will take place within the four walls of the story. And this is possible because the story's voice makes everything its own. 
~ John Berger ~

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