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Demme Learning's Math-U-See

I had the opportunity to review the new Digital Pack from Demme Learning's Math-U-See. Since I have never used Math-U-See, I was also graciously sent the Gamma Universal Set which includes:
  • Instruction Manual with complete solutions
  • Instruction DVD
  • Student Workbook
  • Tests Booklet
  • Integer Block Kit
  • 12 month access to the Gamma Digital Pack
Demme Learning's NEW Digital Packs provide a great addition to the Math-U-See programs of study. My 2nd grader is learning so much with the Gamma Level. 
Demme Digital Pack
Accessible from any Internet browser your student can access a full 12 months of Math-U-See via streaming videos. The Gamma Demme Digital Pack includes:
  • Instructional Videos
  • Digital Manipulative's
  • Lesson Summary
  • Lesson Solutions
  • Test Solutions
Specifically the Gamma Pack also includes:
  • Downloadable Math-U-See Resources
  • Worksheet Generator
  • Online Drill
  • Gamma Record Keeping Sheet
  • Skip Counting Songbook
  • Skip Count MP3 
It is important to add that depending on the grade level, digital pack content will vary.

Digital Manipulative's

Video Lesson 

Worksheet Generator

Lesson Summary 
Lesson Problems
Drills and Resources

Level Menu

I was excited about getting my hands on this curriculum. For years, I have heard others talk about Math-U-See but had never personally used the curriculum before this review. Over my 16 years of homeschooling I have used several math curriculums. Throughout the years I have come to realize that MATH is kind of unique in that what works for one child or sibling does not particularly work for the next. Several of my children either hate math, or struggle with the subject. I requested to review Gamma and use it with my youngest child who is in 2nd grade.

My first impressions of the curriculum far surpassed my expectations. My daughter's experience has been absolutely dreamy!! My 2nd grader is currently adding and subtracting multiple digits with carrying and borrowing. I decided to start her in Gamma since I felt she was more than ready to be introduced to multiplication. 

To be totally honest, I have not had positive experiences in the past with my other children and multiplication. After 5 children, I desperately wanted a more positive experience with my youngest child. 2nd grader picked up on the multiplication concept amazingly well. Call it a lightbulb moment or the fact that Math-U-See just knows what works. 

My daughter has completed a significant amount of lessons and eagerly continues to work through the curriculum. There have been NO TEARS!!  

The Gamma Demme Digital Pack provides short, around 5 minute, lessons that provide the student with easy to understand instruction. This digital program is the perfect solution for the parent who wants or needs online math instruction for their child. Between the digital pack and the student workbook your child is set for success. With that being said, my daughter still prefers for me to explain the concepts over listening to the lessons being taught. She preferred a 30 second explanation.  My daughter is also a very tactile learner. While she was able to work problems with the digital manipulative's she preferred to use the physical manipulative's.

I really liked the Skip Counting Mp3 and Skip Count Songbook found in the Additional Resources. This was a fun way to help learn skip counting. My daughter really enjoyed listening to the songs. 

My only hang-up with the digital pack is that the user is not allowed to photocopy any of the material found within the digital pack for personal use. This was a bit of a turn off for me. I really like to have the ability to print physical copies of material from time to time. For instance, I really would have liked to have had physical copies of the skip counting songs to aid in learning them. The only option is to purchase this item separately through the Math-U-See site. The following statement is displayed on the digital pack site:

"No material accessed through this portal may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise—without prior written permission from Demme Learning."

The digital pack site is very easy to navigate and is very user friendly for both parent and student. 

Final Thoughts
Overall, I would most definitely recommend Math-U-See. I think that the Demme Digital Learning Pack is a great addition to their already amazing curriculum. After using the digital program with my 2nd grader I was more excited about the prospects of using this with my older kiddos. As upper level math concepts become more complex and intensive I think that the digital pack option would be extremely appealing to homeschoolers!! I personally prefer someone else guiding my child through the upper math levels while I sit on the sidelines. I will most definitely continue to use Math-U-See with my 2nd grader. To see all that Math-U-See has to offer make sure to go check out their full line of math curricula options.

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  1. MUS has worked for us on every level! Currently DD is on PreAlg/ Alg 1, and DS is working through Delta. It is a fantastic program.