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Our family got to review Superbook: A Giant Adventure - David and Goliath from FishFlix.com. Superbook brings Bible stories to life through their Emmy nominated series. This DVD is 25 minutes in length. FishFlix.com is a one stop online source of great Christian movies to inspire as well as entertain.

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A bit about Superbook: A Giant Adventure - David and Goliath
Join Chris, Joy, and Gizmo the Robot as they travel back in time to learn about David's bravery fighting against, Goliath. As the story of David and Goliath unfolds, Chris learns about courage and bravery. If David could stand up to a giant like Goliath, Chris surely can face his own fear of playing his guitar in front of a crowd.

Family Discussion Guide is included with the DVD. After viewing the movie the guide provides a great discussion opportunity. Using scripture references you and your child can further discuss how God used David to slay Goliath. There are three divisions to the guide:
  • A Special Gift
  • A Fierce Battle
  • An Amazing Victory
God not only saw something special in David but God also sees something very special in each of us. Even in battle, God uses destruction to bring about His glorious plan. When we succeed in anything we do in life we need to be sure to give God glory.

The study guide has questions and scripture references to help guide you in finding the answers according to what scripture has to say.

Just like David, we all face adversity and challenges. On question that is asked is, "What are some ways God can help you with them?" Using 2 Corinthians 1:21-22 you can see just how God helps.

I am always happy when I know that what my children are watching is wholesome. This video not only retold a classic Bible story but it taught a great lesson that my children can carry with them in life. Even though this video is for kids the adults watching were entertained as well. 

What my movie critics had to say.

Phoebe, age 7:

"I really, really liked the movie. My favorite part was at the end when Goliath was shot down. Chris was scared and nervous but after he saw what David beat Goliath he wasn't scared anymore. I thought the movie was going to be longer. I was surprised at how short it was, but that is okay."

Karis, age 13:

" The video was pretty good for a kids video." 

Asher, age 6:

"I like the robot. I like David and Goliath."

Liam, age 3:

"David got Goliath."

Megan, age 9: 

"This video reminds me a lot of a certain storybook collection we have where someone goes back in time to the Bible days. I think it taught a good lesson. Kids always like Bible stories like David and Goliath. I would watch it again."

Final Thoughts
FishFlix.com is a great source for family friendly movies and videos. You can find many other Superbook DVD's on FishFlix.com. Head on over to the site and check out all of the amazing media. 

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