Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just another day.......

Today began just like many days in our house. Kiddos slowly trickled into the den as they woke up. Yes, I let them wake up on their own. Normally, if they are not up by 8:30-9:00, I usually go in to wake them up. The kiddos ate breakfast and chatted. This morning they started the day off by watching The Magic School Bus on Netflix. Then it was time to get dressed and get down to business for the day. Each kiddo knows what needs to be accomplished for school work each day. They decide which subject to do first, second and so on. They also make a choice each day whether they will stay focused and get it done in a timely manner or dawdle. For the most part they are independent learners and come to me when they need help. I usually sit with them off and on working on my curriculum reviews, looking through her completed work, or reading a book of my own.

Today it is raining and dreary out and I am yet again thankful that I did not have to drag my kiddos out the door in the rain to get them to school.

This week not all of my kiddos are doing school. My older kiddos are off of co-op classes this week for Spring Break. One spent the night with a friend and another is still sleeping. It is 11:28. I chose to hold off on Spring Break with my younger kiddos. One reason being, I knew that it was going to rain the majority of the week. The second reason being, daddy is out of the country for work for two weeks and I wanted to wait and enjoy Spring Break when he gets home.

The smell of spaghetti is coming from the kitchen. One of my kiddos requested spaghetti for lunch. I love the fact that we are able to eat as a family for every meal.

The rest of the day is an adventure waiting to happen...........

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