Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time to go see Dr. Marr

Our 6 month check-up at the dentist.

I absolutely love my kiddos dentist. Having six children, ages 19 and under, we have had several pediatric dentists. By far, our current dentist is my favorite!! I personally have had some traumatic experiences at the dentist and do not want the same for my children. Several of my children have significant health issues that require some extra TLC and precautions when it comes to dental care. 

Our previous pediatric dentist would not allow parents to go back with their children. This never sat well with me. My kiddos current dentist allows you to go back with your child. She not only takes adequate time with my kiddos but takes that extra time to discuss concerns. 

My kiddos are glued to the ceiling watching their chosen movie with headphones and are pretty much oblivious to what is going on in their mouths. One of my kiddos has some sensory issues and Dr. Marr has always been very understanding and compassionate. This is HUGE for no only my daughter but for me too. 

Dr. Karina Marr is amazing!!

Ready to get my teeth cleaned.

Look mom, clean teeth!! 

Seriously mom, did you really have to interrupt me?!
I was watching my movie.


Getting my teeth cleaned.

Prize time!!!

Look at the prize stash!!

Until next time....

Deep in thought.....I really did get some amazing stuff. 

Some Fun Facts........

The average person has 32 teeth.

Did you know that about 2/3 of your actual tooth is under your gum?

Your teeth and tongue are kind of like fingerprints. Did you know
that your tongue has its own fingerprint.

Did you know that elephant tusks are actually teeth!

The first commercial toothbrush came on the market in 1938.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes. 

As a guideline: Kiddos cannot adequately brush their own teeth
well enough by themselves until they are able to 
tie their own shoes. 

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body.

Did you know that teeth contain stem cells?

Did you know that tooth decay is classified as an infectious disease?

Colgate is the top selling toothpaste.

Incisors help bite pieces from food.

Canines help hold and tear food apart.

Molars help grind food. 

Do you know what the 2-2-2 rule is?
Visit your dentist twice a year.
Brush your teeth twice a day.
Brush your teeth or at least two minutes.

38.5 days is the average amount of time a person will spend
brushing their teeth during their lifetime. 

Did you know that the average toothbrush has 2,500 bristles.

Did you know that the calcium and phosphorus in cheese helps
reduce the pH value in plaque. 

Right-handed people tend to chew more on the right side
of their mouth and left-handed the left side. 

If you do not floss you are missing 40% of your tooth surface!

Giraffes only have bottom teeth.

The Blue Whale is the largest mammal on earth but eats only 
tiny shrimp because it does not have any teeth. 

ODONTALGIA means toothache. 

Is it time for your next cleaning??

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