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For the past several weeks my daughters and I have been using GREEMU, an all natural, vegan alternative to emu oil. This Devonian  product is distributed by Koru Naturals. For review purposes I received a 4 fl.oz. bottle of GREEMU™. Devonian® is science driven company dedicated to bringing the power of plants to the beauty world. 

GREEMU is a blend of plant oils and butters that replicate the fatty acid composition, feel, and properties of emu oil. Researchers spent about two years developing a vegan alternative to emu oil and that is how GREEMU was born. 

You may be asked yourself, "What exactly is emu oil?" Emu Oil is extracted from the fat tissues of the emu bird. To get more detailed information on what exactly emu oil is, what GREEMU is, and the ingredients in GREEMU click here.

The basic ingredients in GREEMU are:
  • Macadamia Seed Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil
How We Used GREEMU
GREEMU is great for dry patches of skin, and for itchy scalp. I massaged some of the oil into my scalp and left it in overnight and my scalp was not as itchy come morning. 

After taking off finger and toenail polish the oil works great to moisturize the nails. 

Next, I used the oil on my feet to try to combat the rough, dry, calloused feel and appearance. GREEMU works great to soften the skin on your feet. I think that with continued use of the oil on my feet, my feet will be ready for wearing sandals in the summer.

Last year I reviewed Emu Oil from Koru Naturals. I definitely can tell the difference between the two oils. The Emu Oil tended to absorb and stay a bit better. With that said, both still work quite well. If you are someone that wants to avoid an animal based product, then GREEMU is a great alternative. 

Here is a comparison of Emu Oil and GREEMU.

As you can see, the GREEMU is not quite as thick as the Emu Oil. With regards to smell, they are both pretty much odor free. They both have a greasy feel, but the Emu Oil is a bit more so. 

I have used both of these oils for a pretty unconventional way. I have two daughter's that require an adhesive dressing on their chests. Pulling the dressing off can be quite painful on that sensitive area. I have found that putting some oil on my finger as I pull the adhesive up makes it a bit easier and less painful. Then there is the sticky residual adhesive on their skin. The GREEMU and Emu Oil both work pretty well for helping to remove the line of stickiness that the adhesive leaves behind. The oil has helped to prevent skin breakdown between dressing changes. When removing the dressing there is always a "ring around the dressing" from adhesive and clothing fibers that have collected and stuck to the sticky. 

Two great products!
One oil that is from the Emu and the other which is plant based. 


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  1. Nice comparison! I hadn't thought of using the GREEMU for adhesives... I'll try that. I'm so sensitive. Thanks for sharing.