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My 7th grade daughter had the opportunity to review the biography of Christian Heroes - Betty Greene: Wings to Serve that is a part of the Christian Heroes: Then & Now Series. The CD Unit Study Curriculum Guide was provided via an e-mailed downloadable, pdf version. YWAM Publishing has a wide range of Christian books at discount prices.

Who was Betty Greene?
Betty Greene was born in 1920 and at an early age became fascinated with aviation and flying. She read about Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. At the time, aviation was mainly a field closed to women. During WWII a special team of women flyers was created, WASP, Woman's Airforce Service Pilots. As the war was coming to a close, Betty was contacted by a group of Christian pilots who wanted to use their flying skills for mission work. This is when Betty Greene's love of flying and her love for the Lord would be combined to help spread the gospel to remote areas around the world. He work continued for decades. Betty Greene died in 1997. 

How We Used The Material
We have a growing collection of the Christian Hero Books by YWAM Publishing, and have enjoyed each book that we have read. The book on Betty Greene was another great read. The books are written in a way that both children and adults can be encouraged by. 

My 13 year old daughter read the book and worked through the study guide and various activities. My daughter has read many books in this series and has loved them all. She was very excited when given the opportunity to learn about the life of Betty Greene. 

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide features:
  • biographical sketch
  • key Bible verses
  • chapter questions
  • project ideas
  • Social Studies correlations
  • related themes to explore
  • book and movies resources
  • author interviews
  • and so much more

For the study guide, Betty Greene: Wings of Serve, there are four questions related to each chapter that the student is asked to answer:
  1. A vocabulary question
  2. A factual question
  3. A question to gauge comprehension
  4. An open-ended question
There are 17 chapter in this particular book.

I love that my daughter learned not only about a great figure of faith but so much more thanks to the study guide. She explored counties, learned a bit of the native language, customs, and lifestyles.

My daughter said, "Betty Greene combined her passion for flying and her love for the Lord. First, Betty proved to the world that women can do everything, if not more, than men can do. She earned her pilots license in more than one continent. Betty flew missionaries to and from destination all over the globe. Most importantly, she was involved with several organizations for which she helped share the word of God. Betty Greene was truly a Hero of the Faith!"

The Heroes' Series Bonus Section is full of enrichment activities. In this section you can print out word puzzles, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, overview guides, answer keys, and many more extras. Many of the activities are geared for the younger student but my daughter still had fun doing some of them. 

I liked the Related Themes to Explore. Often times when one of my children is drawn to a particular subject or event in a book I want to be able to let them explore further. The Betty Greene idea map was extremely helpful in guiding my daughter to other possible subject matter that she may enjoy because of the book. My daughter decided that she wanted to further explore and read about WASP's and the many ways that women contributed to the war effort.  

YWAM Publishings has Digital Unit Study Guides. The guide can be accessed both on the computer and/or be printed out. 

YWAM Publishing also had a series on Heroes of History. I will definitely be purchasing titles from this series in the future. 

YWAM is more than just a site to purchase books. To read more about their history, philosophy, and current projects click here

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  1. My daughter loves Amelia Earhart so I think she'd really enjoy Betty Greene's story as well. I will have to get it for her.