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I had the opportunity to review the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service by Educeri........Educeri a division of DataWORKS. Educeri provides a wide range of academic lessons for students K-12. I received a 12 month subscription. There are over 1000+ lessons/resources within this program. 

Educeri is not a complete curriculum. Rather, it is a supplemental aid to help students achieve success in subject areas that they need a little more help in. Lessons are set up in a PowerPoint like set-up. The material is presented clearly and thoroughly. While reading through the site I had to giggle when I read the following on the About Us page, "We are a team of educators, editors, graphic designers, grammar snobs, and math nerds who are passionate about providing top-notch educational materials." 

I utilized this site for my kiddos in grades 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade.

Multi-level subject matter. 

English Language Development

Simply choose a grade level and subject matter and lessons will generate. Lessons contain:
  1. Objective and Prior Knowledge
  2. Concept Development
  3. Skill Development
  4. Application
  5. Lesson Relevance
  6. Exit Activity and Closure
  7. Independent Practice
  8. Core Review
  9. Common Core Alignment 
This is a 3rd grade math lesson entitled, Round Numbers. Sometimes my daughter gets confused when rounding numbers. The lesson was a great reinforcement tool to complement her current math curriculum. The lessons are intended to guide teachers in teaching the subject matter. I actually had my kiddos work through the lessons. Your student can easily work through the lessons as well. Here are a couple of the pages of the lesson. 

As you work through the lesson the answers will appear in red. With lessons such as writing/reading text will be underlined, circled, or highlighted in various colors. 

Whether you are looking for lessons on counting for kindergarten or are looking for a bit more of an explanation on how to factor quadratic equations in high school, Educeri covers a multitude of material. Lessons vary in length. Printable student worksheets give the student a chance to apply what they have learned in a lesson. 

I really liked the lesson variety provided with this program. I do not follow or align with Common Core but it was easy to ignore and bypass information related to Common Core. This is a great resource for students and educators wanting to provide extra help/further learning in any given subject matter. Whether you are an educator in a traditional classroom or a home educator, Educeri is a fast and easy way to access lesson plans.

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