Saturday, October 8, 2016

No-Sew Shopkins Costume

My daughter wanted to be a Shopkin for Halloween. She didn't like the costume choices in the store so I decided to make one. Let me preface by saying, "I cannot sew." The entire costume was put together with fabric glue!! I will take you step by step in making this cute Kooky Cookie.

Step 1
I used thin flannel. This piece is 2 yards. I folded the material in half. To make a nice circle I used twine and fashioned a circle. I then taped the circle to the fabric with scotch tape.

Step 2
I now have two exact circle pieces one on top of the other.

Step 3
I cut out the part of the cookie that was eaten. I then used fabric glue to glue the two pieces of flannel together. I left an opening for the head, arms, and leg area. Fabric glue dries really quickly.

Step 4
I added this step to reinforce the glue seam. I really don't think this was really needed but decided to do it anyway. I placed safety pins above the glued edge.

Step 5
Safety pins are placed all of the way around. After this was done I let the costume sit for an hour just to be sure that the fabric glue was completely set. I then turned it inside out so that the safety pins and raw edges are on the inside.

Step 6
Using a picture of Kooky from my phone I cut out paper pieces for the face and used them as a pattern for cutting the material. I glued each layer of the eyes and mouth.  I bunched up some material for the nose.

Step 7
Next I cut out pieces to resemble the chocolate chips and glued them on. After it was all complete I let it sit for an hour before having my daughter try it on.

Step 8
Modeling our no sew version of Kooky Cookie!!



  1. No sew comes in handy and the costume turned out perfect.

  2. How cute! My daughter loves Shopkins.

  3. Shopkins is the best!! Love this costume!

  4. What a great costume idea! I also love how it easily would fit over warm wintery clothes in cold weather.

  5. I love this costume, and my daughter loves Shopkins. I may have to add this to our new sew costume roundup! Thanks for sharing.

  6. How cute is this. Looks pretty simple to make.