Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CrossTimber ~ A Review

A special gift for the special person in your life can be purchased at CrossTimber. I had the opportunity to gift my daughter with her very own Personalized Framed Plaque with Name Meaning and Bible Verse. CrossTimber offers a wide variety of gifts such as Name Plaques, Multi-Name Plaques, Name Coffee Mugs, Name Meaning Coffee Mugs, and Names of God gifts. 

I ordered the Personalized Framed Plaque with Name Meaning and Bible Verse for one of my daughter's. Her birthday is in October and I thought it would be a perfect gift. My daughter loved her framed plaque and bookmark. She is an avid reader and loved the personalized bookmark with her name. Karis is not a common name so this was extra special. 

The ordering process is simple and easy. You are given many choices, upgrade offers, and additions that you can add to your order. The options truly make for a very personalized, unique gift giving opportunity. The ordering process took me under 5 minutes. Customer service is prompt. I had an issue once my order was placed, which was my mistake, and the issue was corrected promptly. Shipping took a bit longer than I anticipated but since this was for a review and so many were reviewing I am sure that is what delayed the order. 

Browsing through the selection of products, there are lots of great choices. This is a family owned company.

While my husband thought the quality of the product was very nice he was a bit concerned with the follow through of the name meanings. My husband holds a Th.M. and Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary in New Testament with an emphasis in Greek and Textual Criticism. He said, "The definition of the Greek word that lies behind the name Karis is terribly flawed. The name is correctly described as having Greek origin. The problem is the company claims to provide academic research; however, the feel-good meaning ascribed has no relation to its Greek foundation. The name Karis is essentially a transliteration of the Greek word charis (χάρις). Charis means grace, so an appropriate definition would have been an easy-to-grasp explanation of grace which is unmerited favor. The shortcoming of the flawed definition is actually seen in the verse used. The flawed definition of charis cannot be validly used in John 1:16. Thus, with a little 'academic research', this fatal flaw in the product could have easily been avoided."

Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of the plaque and bookmark that I received. It was definitely gift worthy. 

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  1. Hi Jennifer! What did you and your husband think of the replacement print? Hope Karis likes it, and that my explanation of the research was at least interesting to her dad.

    Again, thank you for your review!

    God bless.

    John Dehnart