Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Planet 316 ~ A Review

Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 has turned into a fun daily iPhone break for me. Players piece together beautiful pictures with Bible verses to encourage you as you go about your day. Daily Bible Jigsaw is an online jigsaw puzzle app that works either on Facebook or on mobile devices.

To start off lets talk about the following helps available:

  • the Rotate tool turns all of the pieces in the correct direction 
  • the Guide tool shows you a picture of the completed puzzle
  • the Sweep tool moves all the single pieces out of the way
  • the Magnet tool connects two single pieces together 
  • the Edge tool moves all of the center pieces out of the way

I found that using the helps make putting the puzzle together way to easy. These tools would be great for a younger child needing a bit of extra help. Since the puzzles are only 30 pieces these tools are not really necessary. 

The space given to put the puzzle together is quite small. I found that the easiest way to work around this is to place the middle pieces off to the sides while assembling the edges. You can manually rotate a puzzle piece by clicking on a particular piece until it is in the direction you want. 

The clock in the right hand corner keeps track of the time it takes you to complete the puzzle.

When you complete the daily puzzle it reveals a piece of the monthly puzzle picture. 

After completing the puzzle you are left with a beautiful picture with scripture and reference. 

The puzzles are quite small with only 30 pieces. My younger kiddos were easily able to complete the puzzles. 

You can challenge friends for the top times! At first I wasn't sure that I really liked this feature. I prefer to complete puzzles at a leisurely pace. Well, the competitive nature in me came out and I soon was on a race to get the top time. 

By clicking the calendar icon in the lower left hand of the screen you can see your times on each puzzle completed. 

Before you begin each days puzzle you will see this New Puzzle screen. I love the little saying such as "God Is Faithful Friday" and "Amazing Grace Tuesday."

Isn't this bunny the cutest thing ever? 

By clicking the crown icon at the top of the puzzle screen you can see the awards that you have been given as well as the total number of daily and bonus puzzles you have completed. 

In addition to the daily puzzles you can also work through the Bonus Puzzles. These puzzles have 56 pieces. 

 Once you complete puzzles the pictures are stored and you can share with others.

The one drawback is that the help tools and some of the other puzzles cost coins. You can watch videos to earn free coins. The videos are of other games that can be downloaded outside of Planet 316. Warning: some of the game previews shown are not appropriate for younger children. You can purchase more coins in the store. 

Overall, I was happy with this app. I would definitely recommend it, especially for kids. 

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